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Dear parent in the park this week…

I’d like to point out three things to you:

  • It’s illegal to smoke in a children’s public play park.
  • It’s illegal for children under 16 to be smoking. 
  • Allowing your under age (and I know the children’s ages) children to be smoking in a children’s play park, around other children and families does not make you a “cool” dad. It makes you someone who is a) breaking the law, and b) a poor example of parenting to both your own children and others. 

No one was impressed, in fact I think we were all rather disgusted and horrified… 

Now I’m off to take my children to the pub to buy them a beer… Oh wait, that’s illegal too, maybe not then! I guess discouraging my children from practices that are harmful for their health and against the law is the responsible thing to do, perhaps you have a logical explanation for why you allow your children to smoke, but I doubt it! 

From an astounded  parent who tries not to judge other people and their parenting but on this occasion feels judging is called for… 

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    • I’m a former smoker so I don’t think your the devil . Adults smoking is their own choice and responsibility. Letting under age children smoke around other children is a problem, though. I can’t think why any parent would think it’s a good idea!

  1. I absolutely get what you mean! I see young kids smoking and I wonder if the parents know? Back 30 years ago it was just starting to come out what smoking does to a person and now 30 years later kids are still starting to smoke. This dad though doesn’t sound like he’s very brilliant! Thanks for linking on #effitfriday
    Modern Dad Pages recently posted…Babysitting? No I am the Dad!

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