Cats are NOT stupid…

 If you read our blog at all, or follow us on any social media, you know that we have two cats. We love our kitties and are firmly convinced, like most pet owners that they are the cutest, prettiest and funniest creatures. It’s a bit like parenting. Of course you think your child (or pet) is the best.

One thing I can tell you, however, that cats are NOT stupid. This is something that all cat owners pretty much, I think agree on.

I can tell you why I know my cats are not stupid.

Every month, I treat my cats for fleas and worms. Mostly preventative, because I am pretty vigilant about making sure we are a flea free family (we had a flea outbreak once, it was horrible, I don’t ever want to have to deal with that again, frankly it’s worse than dealing with nits and headlice in small humans) and because Jasper likes to hunt and bring home all manner of delightful treats (a full grown squirrel recently, and he currently has his eye on next door’s prized white doves, bought for a special wedding anniversary) and also likes to bin dive and eat pretty much anything he can, we treat him and Layla regularly for worms, as recomemended by our vet.

So, I have a box, where I keep all the animal medications/treatments. I keep it on a high shelf, in a cupboard, out of reach of small humans. I pull it down once a week to give Layla her much loathed medication for the FIP trial she is currently part of, and I give the cats their worm tablets and flea ointment.

This morning, both cats were sitting in the kitchen, hanging around hoping for a second breakfast (they are secretly hobbits, not cats) and because I had both of them in the house, I thought it would a good time to do the monthly meds. I went to the cupboard, opened it, pulled the box down, put it on the kitchen surface, turned round, in time to see both cats look at me, look at the box, then leg it in two directions, one under my bed, and the other into the wardrobe in the children’s room.catsnotstupid2The box…

THEY KNOW! They know they are going to be manhandled, and they aren’t keen and I can’t really blame them. I walked into our bedroom and called Layla, only to get a mouthful of growling kitty abuse, in reply from under the bed (and I am sure it was not polite) and Jasper is so buried under a bag of toys in the cupboard in the children’s room that I can’t be bothered to go and dig him out and be scratched, so I will wait ’til his desire for food gets the better of him and he comes back downstairs before I pounce.

So, I am temporarily defeated, by the feline members of my household. I will win, but for now, it’s cats 1: human 0 because clearly, cats are not stupid…. πŸ˜‰

catsnotstupid1Who are you calling stupid? Can you see my condescending eye roll??


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