I’m not adding you on LinkedIn

Welcome to my Friday Rant. It’s my blog and I will have a good rant if I want to…

My beef is with LinkedIn. Not with the actual site or what it does but with people who use it like Facebook. I’m on both sites. I use them both for very different purposes. LinkedIn is NOT a social media site. It’s a network for finding like minded people in your profession, for looking for jobs, contacts etc. It’s not just another place to “add friends”.

I don’t link up with people from Facebook on LinkedIn unless they happen to be in exactly the same field as me and might be a useful contact.

Please, please don’t be offended if you try to add my profile on LinkedIn and I don’t accept. I’m your friend. You work in a bank, or wherever, I know you, I love you (like a friend) and I want to connect with you but I only add relevant contacts to blogging and social outreach/charity work on my LinkedIn because I choose to keep work and personal life very separate. It’s NOT personal, I really, really promise.

Please use LinkedIn for its proper use and stop trying to turn it into another social network. We have enough of those.

As you were.

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