Dear lady trying hairbrushes in a shop…

 Dear lady in trying hairbrushes in a shop, in the hair tools and accessories section (in a well known chain store of beauty and health products)

I happened to be looking for a new hairbrush, so I stopped and stood next to you as you were apparently doing the same. I picked up a brush to see if it was what I wanted, and glanced up at you. I noticed you pick up a brush, examine it, then run it through your hair. You put it back, picked up another, and did the same. You did this four times, before looked at the brush I had in my hand and realised it had strands of hair in it, not disimillar in colour to your hair. I rather hastily put the brush back and commented loudly on how unhygienic it was to try brushes before you bought them, which you ignored and carried on, picking up yet another brush. At that point I decided I could manage another day with my old hairbrush and left the shop.

It’s disgusting to run hair brushes that someone else might want to buy though your hair, then put them back, with your hair left as evidence in the bristles. It’s rude and unhygienic. I’m not sure why you think it’s ok to do it, but clearly you felt it was ok! I hope you didn’t have anything nasty lurking in your hair or scalp that some unsuspecting person may catch.

No, I didn’t complain to the store staff because I’ve tried in that particular shop before and have been treated so rudely by it’s staff that it probably wasn’t worth the effort in a) trying to track someone who might help me, down and b) given that the last time I complained when someone was opening and testing sealed lipsticks to be told “oh it happens all the time”, I doubt they’d have done much anyway. Why I went in there to look at brushes I do not know. I won’t do that again!

Surely I’m not wrong in thinking this is unpleasant, unhygienic and just, frankly, rather horrible?

That was my Friday Rant. You can feel better knowing how glad I am to have got it off my chest…


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  1. Yeah this is disgusting and also weird- who needs to try every hairbrush in a shop? Maybe she was a tramp who didn’t actually have her own brush????

  2. It’s ok, because you could probably get all the remedies you’d need for any scalp infections you picked up, all under that particular roof…. said no-one ever.

    Yeh totally gross. Buy online? And this reminds me how lucky I am to have curls and never need to brush my hair!

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