School Valentine’s Disco – bah humbug!

My children are nine and almost six. They have no idea what romance is. They make like to make sick noises and laugh when their father and I show each other affection, because “kissing is gross”. They have no idea what Valentines Day is other than it’s a day that they give us cards they have made at school that tell us how much they love us (which I faithfully keep and treasure) and that Daddy buys Mummy flowers. 

We don’t really do much for Valentines Day. We don’t make a huge fuss, I don’t expect expensive gifts, or effort. My reasoning is that if I can’t tell my loved ones how I feel about them, at other times, then really making a big fuss on one day of the year is a bit silly. I also think it’s become horribly commercial and just another day to encourage people to buy things and spend money. I am not secretly admiring someone and need to tell them anonymously (like when I was a teenager) and my self confidence is not being propped up by the need to be told how adored I am, on one day of the year. 

I get that it can be fun, and there are lovely crafts and things you can do with kids, and it is nice to tell people you love and appreciate them, and if other people want to make a fuss, then that’s fine with me.

What is getting my goat right now is the “school Valentine’s Disco”. It’s become a thing and I am mean, because my children aren’t going to it. It is this week, we have had more mails than I can count reminding me about it, my children have mentioned it, and it is the talk of the playground. 

They aren’t going for two reasons.

One, they actually have ballet classes at the same time as the disco, this week, and both of them have a ballet asssemtnt coming up and the teachers have asked if we could avoid missing classes if possible so they get all the input they need, and frankly, we pay a lot for the classes so I object to missing them, if we can help it. Two, I seriously don’t get why primary school children need to have a Valentines Day disco. They are all under 11, they don’t need to be thinking about romance, or liking anyone other than as friends, they don’t need the whole idea of admiring someone or “loving” someone, at the tender age of six and nine. Yes, I am sure it will be fun, I am sure it is harmless, (although a semi dark room, full of hot, sweaty, over excited children, with music and flashing lights, frankly sounds like my idea of hell, and my small son with sensory issues would probably totally freak out) and other parents don’t have an issue with it. 

I am so bah humbug about the whole thing. It will be bad enough when they are teenagers and they do start to understand more. Right now, I am mean Mummy and we aren’t going. I probably am horrible, and reading more into it than I should. 

Bah humbug school disco

What do you think?


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