Convenient Pre-Natal vitamins?

We are currently trying to add a third small human to the Mad House of Cats & Babies (the cats will not approve, Emily wants a baby sister, Matthew wants a baby brother, so there is no pressure at all on me ;))

One thing that is important when trying to conceive and in the first few months of pregnancy, is taking a good prenatal supplement to make sure that you are getting the correct amount of folic acid, iron and vitamin D. 

The Department of Health recommends that women should take a daily supplement of 400ug of folic acid when trying to conceive and should continue to take this dose for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy when the baby’s spine is developing. This helps to try and prevent Spina Bifida, which is a birth defect linked with insufficient intake of maternal folic acid. 

In theory, if you eat an incredibly healthy diet, with masses of green leafy veg, and all the things you should eat, daily, you possibly could boost your folic acid intake to the correct amount, and some breakfast cereals (which we don’t generally eat) and some breads (we eat gluten free bread, which isn’t fortified) do have folic acid added to them, but in reality I don’t eat the diet I probably should, I don’t have time or energy to try and make sure I am eating the right amount of nutrients, and frankly, taking a small tablet every day that ensures I get what I need and means that I am getting the needed amount for conception and early pregnancy, is just what the doctor ordered. (In fact, she reminds me every time I go for my blood tests to check my hormone levels about taking my folic acid tablets) 

Remembering to take my vitamins is another challenge. I often forget, or can’t remember if I took them. Our mornings are busy and run tightly to a schedule. I know, it probably sounds silly that remembering to take my vitamin is so challenging, but that’s just life for me right now. 

So, being able to keep track of when and what I am taking, becomes really easy with Seven Seas Trying for a Baby 1 – pre-conception tablets.

They come in  a pack that looks pretty similar to the contraceptive pill with days of the week. The tablets are tiny, as well, which although a little fiddly if you drop one, means they are easy to swallow (and for those of us who struggle with intense sickness and nausea in pregnancy, you aren’t trying to cram what seems like a tablet the size of a horse-pill down and trying to stop it from coming back up again!) 

The days of the week mean you can keep track of when you have taken your tablet and if you have forgotten one, you know, and it’s a small pack so you can slip it into your handbag or purse or make up bag. 

Unlike some of the larger sized supplements I have tried, I don’t feel nauseous after taking them, I think because they are so small and go down so easily, and don’t require my body to make so much effort to process them (that’s just my unscientific opinion, by the way not a medical fact) 

Seven Seas Collage

They also contain the normal recommended amount of iron and vitamin D, which is handy. I currently am slightly deficient in both of those, and take an extra prescribed dose of both, on top of these (monitored by my doctor) but if you just need a normal prenatal vitamin these are ideal.

I would definitely say these take the hassle out of remembering to take your prenatal vitamin and they mean I have one less thing to worry about, during a busy day. 

*this blog post is not intended to be medical advice and is for information and review purposes only. I was sent some samples to review. Please consult your doctor or qualified medical practitioner for advice on vitamin supplements when trying to conceive or pregnant.*

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  1. These Seven Seas vitamins looks good. I have to say I wasn’t aware of them when I was pregnant with my boys. I used Pregnacare. #TriedTested

  2. Thanks for sharing this. We’re currently TTC to and I take the Pregnacare supplement but I’m constantly forgetting whether I’ve taken it or not! (I’m kinda ditzy). Plus they are HUGE. These look like a great alternative and love the days of the week markings πŸ™‚ Good luck with baby number 3! x #triedtested

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