It’s time to get a cat flap

It’s time to get a cat flap

We can deny it no longer. We can bear it no longer (well, when I say we, I mean LSH mostly, because he’s the one who mostly deals with it because I often pretend to be asleep, ssssh, don’t tell him) when at 3am, the cats decide that their need to be let out to pee is more of a priority that the human’s need for sleep (and sleep is a precious commodity round these parts, as you know!)

The yowling and incessant howling until a tired, semi awake, slightly grumpy human gets up to let them out.

After ten years of being a cat owner, it’s time to face the music, or more accurately the whir of a drill and the whine of a jigsaw…It’s time to get a cat flap installed, and hope the cats actually learn to use it…?


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  1. we can’t fit cat flaps at our house as it’s rented with solid wooden doors and it would cost too much to convert back when we leave, so we suffer the 5.15am wake up call on the weekends. In the week that is my wake up time so not a problem, but the weekends are a pain in the backside

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