I did not vote for this…

I did not vote for a government that treats the people who work in our public services so badly. 

I did not vote for a government that is basically a bunch of privileged, mostly men, who have no clue of what the reality of life is for people in this country. 

I did not vote for a government of hypocrites who say one thing, yet are rampantly doing another. 

I did not vote for a government that is punishing a vast number of people, with its cost cutting and belt tightening yet they, the politicians can still claim outrageous expenses and all the trimmings. That can spend £9 million pounds on a leaflet drop but can’t provide more schools. That pressures mothers back to work but doesn’t actually care or know what mothers want? 

I am scared for the future. I didn’t vote for them and I’m angry that they are breaking our country. 

A break from my usual posts and a political rant brought to you by Friday’s Rant from the Soapbox. Normal service will resume shortly. 

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