Friday’s Rant – stop with the silly faces on Snap Chat…

This week is brief, I know, you all sigh with relief! ?

I’ve joined SnapChat. It’s another social media app, and given I don’t know what I’m doing and already have a billion social media applications I can barely manage, is seems daft to add another but I’m weak, I’m a foolish sheep and I have to follow and copy everyone else so I caved and I have used it a bit. (I’m the Mad House of Cats & Babies there if you REALLY want to see more random photos of the cats and what I’m eating/my coffee addiction!)

The one thing I hate about it is the picture editing feature where you can make your face old, young, swap it with someone else’s, turn yourself into a zombie (I don’t need an app for that, lack of sleep is doing that just fine for me, thanks!!) and frankly it’s disturbing and silly. I am having a (very hormonal, more on that in next Friday’s Rant) sense of humour failure and I’m over it and people need to stop it because it disturbs my enjoyment of Snap Chat…That is all…

Ok, so this is totally tongue in cheek and I’m really only joking (mostly!) and of course I’m not expecting people to stop having harmless fun using the app. I’m going to go and take my hormonal grumpy self off to drink more coffee and probably share photos of it on SnapChat.

               Carry on as you were! ?

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  1. My daughter has snap chat and loves it and tries to get me to join in all the time but I must be missing the point because I JUST DON’T GET IT. Maybe I’m just too old?


  2. I’m still holding out on the managing to successfully ignore Snapchat camp at the minute. The idea of never being able to update anything or even send someone a message without an attached photo just makes me eye roll to be honest. #effitfriday

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