Please don’t be scared…

Please don’t be scared to tell me you are pregnant. 

Yes, I’m struggling a little (OK, a lot) with the idea that I might not fall pregnant again, and am facing the possibility that we are “done”.

Yes, it’s a little hard for me to deal with the feeling that you have something I want, very much.

But, you know what? I love babies, and I am learning to deal with my emotions and feelings over our own situation. You being pregnant is amazing, exciting and I am delighted for you and will congratulate you to your face and be happy for you behind your back.

Please don’t be scared to tell me. Yes, I might cry, but it will be because I’m pleased for you and I’m a bucket of emotions and I cry at everything.

I want to be part of your joy. It’s not your fault my wish may not come true. Don’t hide from me, you aren’t hurting me, and even if it does hurt me a little, I’m dealing with that and I’ll never let you know it’s hurting. I’ll knit your precious little one something or I’ll have fun shopping for a gift for you.

Please don’t be scared to tell me you’re pregnant. I promise, I’m ok…

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  1. This is such a beautifully written post, you express what many people in your situation must be feeling – it’s just that you are clearly very good at putting into words. Thank you for sharing and take care. XX #effitfriday

  2. I say its rant enough for me!

    And you’re right, I felt so many times I was treading on eggshells announcing my pregnancies. With both my boys falling pregnant has been the easy bit, the resulting births have been bloody death defying! To the point where it has been said no more, which makes me really sad, but in no way wanting people not to share their happy news!!! #effitfriday

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