The importance of collagen in your health routine

I have to admit that I was one of those people that didn’t think much about collagen, other than my basic nursing knowledge that it’s a protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. I also thought it was the stuff that came in posh face creams that you get waved at you when you visit the beauty section of your local department store… Anyone else pretty much thinks the same?

I learned about how important collagen actually is, after my second serious knee injury, almost two years ago. I was referred to see a specialist sports injury team, a surgeon and a physiotherapist and after my first appointment with them, came away with a list of things I needed to do and change in order to try and improve the condition of my damaged knee and my body in general.  On the list were exercises I had to do at home, but also some suggestions for my diet and nutrition to help build muscle and also collagen.

It makes sense. I have a knee injury. My knee is a particularly weak & vulnerable area of my body. I need to try and help my knee recover as much as possible, as well as looking after the rest of my body.

Your body does produce and restore the collagen within it, but as we age, this supply slows down and the amount produced lessens. We see the skin on our faces losing elasticity, and the collagen around our joints decreases. It is possible to boost collagen production by eating certain foods, but there are also some excellent nutritional supplements by Hellenia available out there, to help.

I am particularly interested in something that helps with overall joint strength and repair. I run for exercise so not only am I conscious of trying to protect my knee and help to rebuild it, but I also want to look after the rest of my body too. I need something that is easy to add to my routine, that works.  It also has to fit into my food budget, and be affordable.


ProSport has been formulated with sports and fitness enthusiasts in mind, offering many properties that Whey Proteins do not bring to recovery, such as anti-inflammatory properties.This natural (unflavoured) supplement can be added to juice or water, or your own recovery drink. It provides essential amino acids for the repair and recovery of muscle, and joint protection, rebuilding tissues (ligaments, tendons and bones). It may also play a part in weight management as a source of dietary protein, promoting a feeling of fullness for appetite control. It contains Type 1 collagen, which is the most naturally occurring collagen in the body. 

So, now looking after my injured knee, and aiming to get back to normal, running and functioning, is that bit easier. Knowing that collagen is an important thing that keeps my body together and going, has made an impact on how I look after my body, to try and protect it and keep me going.  It’s not just stuff that comes in face cream… 😉

*this is a collaborative post*

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