BMI is NOT the be all and end all…

So I recently shared about weight loss and how I have worked hard to loose some weight, in order to get myself to a healthier place. I have been feeling pretty good generally and pleased with my efforts and also conscious of the need to continue to look after my body.

So when I went to a medical appointment last week, I was disappointed and angry when the conversation I had with the person seeing me, ended in my feeling depressed and anxious about my body and weight. 

It was an appointment to adjust some medication I take for cycle/hormonal issues and a general check up. Someone I have not seen before. It was not with my regular GP or Gynecologist both of whom have been very pleased with my efforts to loose weight and get myself into a better place health wise. 

The appointment started with me being told to stand on the scales. I went to take my shoes and coat off, and was told that I didn’t need to bother with that, just to stand on the scales. I ignored that and took my shoes and coat off. 

She noted my weight, asked me my height, then looked at her computer and obviously worked out my BMI. She then proceeded to give me a lecture on obesity, my BMI being above acceptable for my height and age, and offered me advice on weight loss and diet help. This appointment was not in any weigh a weight loss or health appointment, it was simply to discuss blood test results and give me the medication I already have prescribed. 


I am afraid I lost my cool slightly and got a bit indignant. I proceeded to tell her that actually, I had lost 51lb in the last 18 months, and was very happily working on more exercise and sensible eating, and that if she had actually bothered to look at my notes she would have seen that. She then pushed the whole BMI issue again and that technically I was still considered “obese” and was I aware of the health risks of this particularly in relation to getting pregnant?

At that point, I told her that both the other medical professionals I was seeing were happy with my weight loss, both have agreed that with sensible eating and exercise that my being pregnant or getting pregnant at the current weight that I am should not be a problem and that really, I wasn’t interested in a lecture. I asked for my prescription, and left. I cried all the way home on the bus. 

I GET that BMI and measuring that is an indicator of a persons health and weight. I don’t dispute that, but I personally think that BMI is not the be all and end all and it alone is not an accurate predictor of a person’s health and well being and frankly I don’t think it’s that accurate anyway. I have heard of people being told their BMI is too high, when actually they were not at all overweight, but muscled and well built from exercise. I think used in conjunction with other things it can be a good tool, but to fixate on it and bang on about it, particularly to a person who is ACTUALLY working on their weight loss and has successfully managed to loose weight is completely unnecessary and unhelpful. 

I calmed down, I am calm now, writing this. I am still pleased with myself for working hard to get into better shape weight loss wise and the momentary smash to my self esteem and the effort I have put in, has dissipated. 

I have put in a complaint, about the appointment, and I will be refusing to see that person again, it was neither helpful or useful, she hadn’t even looked at my notes where it states from my last appointment that I had actually discussed weight loss and pregnancy/health issues  and she had the bedside manner of a bull in a china shop. 

My BMI is not the be all and end all. I am so much more than a statistic in a slightly flawed system….

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  1. Gosh – how incredibly frustrating that appointment must have been for you, I feel really cross on your behalf that you were made to feel that way AFTER doing so incredibly well. Over 50lb in 18 months is just amazing! I bet if she’d have taken your blood pressure or tested your cholesterol first off, she would have seen that you’ve made drastic improvements to your lifestyle and your weight is still going on a downward trend. I’m glad you complained – keep going at your pace and don’t let one misguided professional put you off your stride. You’re brilliant. Thank you for sharing with #effitfriday xxx

  2. Ugh that makes me so angry. I’m at the start of a long weight loss journey and had a similar experience this week – I did a blood test privately for cholesterol and noted when submitting it that my eating habits had changed dramatically over the last few months and that I had lost 38lbs since my was born in February this year and was continuing on my weight loss journey – the results came through with a note saying that I need “lose weight urgently”…I mean fair enough, but didn’t I acknowledge in my notes that I’m well aware of that and am doing so?!?!

    I’m glad you made a complaint about her, she sounds like a d**k to be honest. #EffitFriday

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