When you always need a rain mac – with Mac in a sac

We live in the UK. There are many wonderful things about that but one of the slightly, ahem, challenging things, is the lovely British weather. I always make jokes that even in the summer time, I need to take a raincoat and my sunglasses with me, because it could be warm and sunny, or it could suddenly start to rain. It’s kind of what we are used to. 

When the weather gets warmer but there’s still the possibility it might rain, it’s handy to have something waterproof  that you can carry about with you, and pull it out and put it on, easily, but that isn’t bulky or heavy. 

That’s where Mac in a Sac comes in very handy, especially for the kids. Their Mini Mac In a Sac Kids water proof jackets are perfect for what we need and the variable UK weather. 


Because we live in the UK, and you never know, you may need a sun hat or a rain jacket…


We are always out and about, and whilst it’s not  always cold, it can get a bit wet, so having their kids macs tucked away in my bag is incredibly useful.

My small son loves his Mac in a Sac and when it actually arrived, he was a bit upset that it didn’t rain for at least a few days, so he had no excuse to wear it to test it out, but when it finally did rain, he happily put it on and put it through it’s paces. It’s very practical and water proof. Reassuring for parents who have children who like and need to be out and about in all weathers, like me. One of the most important things about the Mac in a Sac is that it’s breathable, so you don’t get all sweaty and damp underneath your rain coat when you are wearing it. 

Macinasac1Looking good and ready to face the rain!

They’re very lightweight and easy to unpack and put on, and comfortable to wear. I particularly like that they roll up and pack into their little sac, small enough to go into a school book bag, so I know that my kids can’t come home and tell me “you forgot to make us take our raincoats today”.

mac in a sac trying on

Rain jacket on, and we are ready to go out and play even if it is a bit rainy!

They’re also perfect for travelling because they can easily fit into a travel bag, suitcase, hand luggage and even if you are going camping you can squeeze a Mac in a Sac into a bag to take with you. They come in many colors and styles and look good on, which is important, because now my kids are pickier about what they wear and mum doesn’t always get the last say in that anymore but we all love these rain jackets and they come with a two year guarantee which is handy. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a Mac in Sac, any any of their wet weather gear. The only problem you might have is choosing your favorite color to wear… πŸ˜‰



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