The secret life of pets…

What do our pets get up to when we aren’t at home or aren’t watching them? What do they REALLY do when they are alone (or think they are)

We have two cats, both are funny, naughty, and have real personalities of their own. Our oldest cat is a bit less adventurous, and tends to sleep a lot when she is left in peace and quiet. Our younger cat, Jasper, however is much cheekier and often gets into mischief. 

Jasper thinks he’s human, or almost and something we have discovered about him is that he LOVES human food. He will happily eat most things, even stuff he is not supposed to, and he will take ANY opportunity to snaffle human food, given half the chance.

Jasper naughty cat

I might look cute but I’m actually a feline thief! 

We have caught him in the act, on several occasions and no matter what we do, he doesn’t want to stop.

One day, I had made supper for the children, spaghetti bolognese, actually, and I had left the pan of meat and sauce in the kitchen, on the stove, to cool, whilst the children ate. We were sitting in the other room, when I heard a funny noise in the kitchen, so we went to see what it was. Lo and behold, we found Jasper sitting on the kitchen surface, next to the pan, dipping his paw into the sauce, scooping it out and eating eat, and he had dribbles of sauce all down his normally pristine white chest and all over his paws and whiskers. Never mind that cats are not supposed to eat tomato sauce, never mind that it was still hot, he didn’t care.

Then there was the time that the husband lost his lunch to the feline thief…

I had roasted some chicken,  for our dinner one night, and we had enjoyed it, but had leftovers that I had cut up, and put it in a lunchbox for the husband, for his next day’s lunch. I left the box open, on the kitchen surface, then got distracted by one of the children needing something. I went upstairs, not thinking about the fate of the food, and about ten minutes later, I heard the husband go into the kitchen and shout “hey Jasper”. He then came upstairs bearing the now empty lunch box, followed by a very pleased with himself looking cat who had not only had a second dinner, but had eaten all of the poor husband’s lunch. The husband was NOT amused, I of course thought it was terribly funny, and laughed a lot. (which didn’t amuse him either, he had to buy lunch the next day!) 

So, we know now that Jasper is a serious FOOD THIEF and he will, if the opportunity arises, help himself to our food, and doesn’t show the slightest sign of remorse about it, in fact, most of the time, when he is caught in the act he looks pretty smug about the whole thing. Such a bad kitty…;)

  You can see some video evidence of him in action. You can see him casing the joint. The little stinker! He is also a bit of a bin diver, and will help himself to food from the dustbin. Thankfully we have  an understanding vet, cat insurance from Pet Plan  and I now have a supply of cat indigestion remedies at home, when I happen to notice he might have been eating things he shouldn’t and has a bit of an upset stomach. It’s hilarious to see how naughty he is when he thinks the humans in his life aren’t around. I think we humans think all our pets do is sleep and wait til we come back. We definitely know different, now don’t we!

Do you have a pet that gets up to mischief or surprising things when you are not around?

We are looking forward to watching The Secret Life of Pets, a hilarious movie revealing what pets REALLY get up to when their unsuspecting owners aren’t around…

The Secret Life of Pets © 2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

*This post has been possible thanks to Petplan and Universal Pictures, but all thoughts are our own. We were very kindly sent a camera to record what our pets got up to when we weren’t around*

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