Sharing my coffee love. (A Pact Coffee Giveaway)

*This is a review post*

Pact Coffee kindly asked me to work with them on this post. If you read this blog, or know me in any shape or form, you know I like coffee. Ok, so I LOVE coffee, and it’s my main source of fuel and keeps me going. I happen to be married to someone who has made it his mission in life to make good coffee so I am very lucky that I get freshly brewed, wonderfully tasting cups of coffee handed to me at right timed intervals in the day (ie first thing in the morning!) and he prides himself on his high standards in coffee.

However, there are times when I don’t have someone to make my coffee for me, and I either need to get it, or make my own. Also, I must confess, that whilst I love my coffee, I’m a big hopeless knowing what’s a good coffee, and what isn’t, what beans make a good ground coffee, how to make it properly.

So discovering Pact Coffee was almost a dream come true. (What can I say, I love my coffee!) and Not only that but I’ve got a handy little gadget that makes making myself a brew dead easy.

Coffee? Easy peasy with a V60 coffee drop filter. 

For me, great tasting coffee is important, but also where it comes from is a concern too, so knowing the coffee I’m drinking is sourced and bought fairly is a good thing.

They say:

 “We’re proud to source via Direct Trade. To find our incredible beans our Head of Coffee, Will, travels the world to visit growers, tasting hundreds of different coffees in the process. By trading directly with our farmers we’re able to cut out the middleman and pay farmers a better price for their top quality beans”

We currently get a monthly packet of coffee delivered, and I get quite excited when it artives, and it’s different blends and types of beans from different sources every month, which is expanding my palate too. The husband approved of this as well as the quality of the coffee that arrives.

So if you love your coffee and want something different, it’s definitely worth trying. Pact Coffee also makes a lovely gift or treat for a fellow coffee lover too. They also have lots of gadgets and gizmos for making the coffee make process easier and more interesting.

So if you know someone who loves coffee, then you need to send them to Pact. They will thank you, I promise.

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  1. I love my coffee strong with a dash of milk, and if I’m being really indulgent then a drop of caramel syrup too.

  2. A medium roast, brewed in a cafetière, splash of milk and no sugar. Unless it’s December in which case ice been known to add gingerbread syrup.

    • I go off coffee when pregnant, in fact that is how I knew I was pregnant with matthew, the smell of coffee made me feel sick! 🙂

  3. I like my coffee medium strong with a fair amount of milk, but then I’m a lightweight! It’s my hubby that takes coffee seriously in our house 🙂

  4. Strong with a little semi-skim, no sugar – I like it warm rather than hot, though, so it tends to take me ages to actually get round to drinking it.

  5. I don’t actually like coffee, but my coffee mad Hubby loves a nice strong rich flavoured coffee with a little milk & 1 sugar.

  6. Very strong with Coffee Mate and served in a bucket to wake me up in the mornings! I never used to like coffee until I had my little girl, she never slept so I needed it 🙂

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