Clowns are not funny… Well scary ones aren’t…

The blog post where I will admit to being prepared to face being arrested if a scary clown comes my way… πŸ˜‰

If you keep up with social media and the news you will know there has been an outbreak of people dressing as clowns recently, but not your average, friendly, cheery looking, turns up at parties to do tricks for kids, or messing around at the circus type clowns, but scary, psychotic, menacing looking clowns, chasing people, sometimes with weapons and generally frightening the public. I am not going to include images of said scary clowns because frankly they are horrible but you can read a BBC article here if you want to about it. 

I don’t like clowns, in general. It’s not personal to anyone who has a career as a genuine, nice, friendly clown. I feel the same way I do about clowns, as I do of my dentist. He’s a lovely chap, I am sure his friends, family, and everyone around him like him, and I know he wishes me no harm, but frankly, the less time I spend in his presence the better, and clowns are in the same category for me. I am pretty sure that most real clowns are nice, kind people, but I don’t feel comfortable around them. It’s the make up and the disguise, I think, combined with watching a horror movie about clowns when I was far too young to be able to make sensible decisions about what was appropriate viewing, and so now, I am not keen on clowns. I don’t enjoy their antics and I don’t really want to be around them. 

But I know they go about their business and aren’t out to get me. 

However, these nasty, stupid, cruel people who are dressing up like clowns, to scare and frighten people? They can just do one. It’s not funny or amusing and in fact incredibly distressing, especially to children, and anyone who might be vulnerable or have a fear of clowns in the first place. People who actually think this is an amusing pass time, need to seek counselling, and if any kind of person dressed like a clown comes my way, thinking it’s funny to try and frighten me, or my children, will, to be blunt, be kicked in the privates and I will deal with the possible assault charges that may come my way. 

Want to clown around? Stick to the circus and kids parties. Try to frighten me or mine, you may walk funny for a few months…

Scary clowns? Just do one… 


This is not a creepy clown. I will not kick them in the goolies… 

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  1. I find clowns quite scary, something to do with the eyes. The ones across the media right now would petrify me and I am assuming it has something to do with the remake of IT by Stephen King x

  2. I think this craze of people dressing up as clowns and scaring people is horrible as you don’t know how a person will react. I read about a women who gave birth a month early as she was scared so much, it can be so dangerous x

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