A little bit of Christmas creativity with Ora and a giveaway…

We have shared our love of Ora the round kitchen towel that is seriously multi purpose, and can be used for all sorts of things and not just cleaning up mess. We use it for a lot of different things and there is always a stack of it in our kitchen. 


We recently had fun creating a Christmassy craft at our toddler group with Ora, and thought we would share. If you are looking for something that you can create things with, it’s perfect and versatile. It’s easy to cut and sticks well with glue. This simple but pretty snowflake craft was fun to create and looks effective and if you are horribly uncrafty like me, still works, I promise. 

You will need 

Glue, the runny PVC stuff is best. 

Sequins or sparkly stickers

A stack of Ora round towels

Glitter glue


Black card

Fold the Ora towel into sixes like you would if you are cutting out a snowflake shape, into a sort of triangle and then cut holes along the folded edges and snip the tip. You can make patterns in the rounded edges too. Basically use your imagination and go wild. This bit is probably done by an adult. 

Then use the glitter glue and sparkly bits to decorate the snowflake and you can also use sparkly pens too, as you can see here. This is  fun and a bit messy, but the kids loved it (and you can use a damp Ora towel to clean up the mess afterwards) 

The stick the finished snow flake onto the black card so you can really see the sparkles…


See, I told you, easy, pretty, and a fabulous use for Ora, that doesn’t involve cleaning. You can buy Ora at Tesco, so it’s something you can get hold of to make your own crafty Christmassy Creations.

We also have 5 stacks of Ora to giveaway to our readers. 

To enter to win one, tell us what you would create for a Christmassy craft with your own stack of Ora, in the comments, then head over to Rafflecopter to complete your entry. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun!

Terms & Conditions: 

5 people will win one stack of Ora round kitchen towels each.

No cash prize alternative. 

Spam entries will be deleted.

All entry requirements must be completed.

Ends 30th Dec 2017

Winners will be notified by e mail to arrange prize to be sent. 



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  1. we would make the snowflakes as our window is snowflake themed this year -even with snow flake laser lights going up and down the front of the house!

  2. Snowflakes are a great idea, my daughter says she’d like to make Christmas dresses for her dolls too πŸ™‚

  3. I would make them into mini Christmas trees. We dont have a big tree (because the cats DESTROY it). So cute mini trees would be great fun to decorate together!

  4. I could dream of making something but in reality my hubby would guard it with his life so that no one could touch it. The closest I may get is to use it as a placemat ?

  5. My dd would probably make snowflakes, and maybe use them for homemade Christmas cards with snowmen and things πŸ™‚

  6. I would try and make a Christmas tree. Use the cone shape and stack it up and cut it into fours to make some ‘branches’. Because they are round we could make some perfect baubles too.

  7. I would put all of the arts and crafts on the table and let my 5 year olds son’s imagination run wild. He is so arty. We made our own wrapping paper and gift tags this year so perhaps decorations for the tree next year.

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