Thinking of buying a new car? 

If like many families, you are thinking about buying a new car, perhaps because your current car is too old and needs replacing, or maybe you need a bigger car to accommodate your growing family, there are things you need to consider. 

A good quality, reliable car that will fit in with your families needs is usually the most important thing. Of course type of car, size, colour, size of boot, how fuel efficient it is, what extras it comes with are all things to think about. (The husband always says that for me colour is most important, and that I don’t care about anything else, which of course isn’t true! ?)

Cars don’t come cheap, (ok, if you are buying an old banger from your neighbors cousin they might) but if you are looking for one that is new or one that is second hand that has been checked, tested and is being sold by a reliable company, you will need to think about how you finance your purchase. It may be that you can sell your old car to contribute to the cost of the new car, or you may have a sum of money that can be put towards a deposit on your car, or you may want to pay a monthly payment to cover the cost of your car. If finances and credit are an issue it is worth looking at how bad credit car finance works to see if that may be an option you can consider, to help you. You may think that your credit history will mean you can’t get the car you need, but that’s not always the case. It’s certainly something to look into. 

So, good luck with that new car purchase. What colour car will you be choosing? ?

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