Keeping sore throats at bay with Jakemans…

It’s that time of year. Coughs, colds and sore throats are plentiful, and I have had my fair share of them, this past few weeks and months and so have the children. It’s hard, because there really are limited things you can do for your average cold and sore throat, other than fluids, pain medication, and throat sweets or lozenges. 

Here’s the problem. I generally dislike throat sweets. I find them too medical tasting. I know that sounds weird, but I do. I don’t like them when they are too strong, and some of them contain some ingredients that I try to avoid ingesting. I also want something for my kids, when they have a sore throat, to help ease their pain. 

So when we tried Jakemans we were very impressed.

These aren’t just your average throat sweet, they actually taste nice.

Jakemans say this…

Our products are:


Soothing vapour action to ease your passages

Fabricated using only the very finest ingredients

Meticulously mouth-watering flavours

Not an iota of artificial colour or flavour

Suitable for vegetarians


Just what the doctor ordered, right?

We had a nasty bout of cold and sore throat recently, so we have been sucking away on a selection of their throat lozenges and are we are very impressed. The husband usually opts for what he prefers when he has a sore throat, but I managed to persuade him to try these and he admitted that they tasted good and helped to soothe his throat and ease his congestion. Even my picky tweenager liked them when she was hit hard with a very sore throat. Their handy packs are useful for popping in a pocket or handbag, and because they have no nasties in them, I am happy for them to be used by the whole family. 

So, who would have thought that a throat lozenge could be so popular? They win in our house. Now if we could just have some warmer weather and less germs, I would be even happier, sadly even they can’t make that happen…

*We were very kindly sent some products to try*
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