Human Foods That Cats Can and Cannot Eat

This helpful collaborative post may be useful, if like me, you have a cat who thinks it is human and likes to eat things it really shouldn’t…

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Most people think that cats eat just about anything. Throw them a piece of meat and they’ll jump on it. Spill some milk on the floor and they’ll start licking your floor clean. Spread some bread crumbs and they’ll start sniffing and biting at them. Lastly, throw a fish bone and they’ll definitely give it a chase and eventually eat it. While most of this is true, there are certain foods that one should definitely avoid when feeding their cats.

If you love your cats and want them to grow to their full potential and live long lives as your companions, then you definitely need to remember the foods listed below;

Human foods that cats can’t eat

  1. Onions and Garlic – you must be careful in feeding onions and garlic to your cats as it may cause digestive problems for them. Many foods contain onions or garlic on them so you should try to verify from the list of ingredients if they contain them.
  2. Alcohol – even a little of bit of alcohol is not allowed for cats. If you don’t want your cat to go into a coma, then by all means, empty that bottle or better yet, throw it away before you get tempted on feeding it to your cat. It has been proven by a study that an adult cat can die from a teaspoon of alcohol via severe brain damage or liver failure.
  3. Coffee, Energy drinks, Caffeine – cats are little animals so it’s obvious that they have small organs too. Therefore, even a little bit of caffeine intake will definitely make them agitated and restless. It can also likely cause severe palpitations that will eventually lead to seizures.
  4. Chocolate and other sweets – chocolates also have caffeine in them, especially on dark chocolates. While little amounts of white chocolate can still be okay, you still need to be very careful in feeding sweets to your cats as it can cause problems in their blood sugar.
  5. Salt – too much salt can cause electrolyte imbalances in your cat’s body. Thus, it would be wise to monitor your cat when eating leftovers as they especially contain salt.

Take note that these foods are very common in all places, that is why you should definitely monitor and check your cat’s food to ensure that they avoid these kinds of foods.


On the other hand, below are human foods that your cat can definitely enjoy;

Human foods that Cats can eat

  1. Meat – Cats, like their ancestors, the lions and tigers are meat eaters, so it is obvious that they would enjoy having meat. They need the protein for their body and reproductive health. So always try to spare some cooked meat for them. Although, take note that raw meat can cause digestive problems for your cat.
  1. Fish – everybody in the world knows that cats love fish. They are rich in omega-3 acids that help keep your cats active and sharp.
  1. Cheese – yes, cats can eat cheese but only in small amounts. Cheese has protein that can help your cats grow healthy and offer a different taste than their usual treats.
  1. Vegetables and Fiber-rich foods – there are cats that eat vegetables, so if yours is one of them you should definitely take advantage of it. Vegetables are filled with vitamins and fiber that can strengthen your cat’s intestines and digestive system.

As a final reminder, while the 4 foods mentioned above are generally acceptable, you should still feed it to them in moderation as there are also individual tastes among cats that should be considered.


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  1. i would’ve thought it was fairly obvious not to feed your cat any of the above and to watch their salt intake from left over human foods, but i guess there are some stupid people out there, i mean who would give an animal alcohol?

  2. My elderly cat suffers badly with constipation and so now eats equal quantities of meat and pumpkin or courgette which he adores. I thought he would just turn his nose up at the veggie additions to his plate but nope 0 he wolfs them down! Very useful post that all cat owners should read. Thanks for adding it to #AnimalTales

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