16 years…

That’s the lifespan of a human growing into adulthood, almost. Today, the husband and I have been married, properly, for 16 years. We got officially married two weeks earlier but our church wedding came later, due to life being crazy, university exams and logistical tweaks made after we decided to bring our wedding forward a few months.

 I’ve known him for 21 years. That’s a whole life time and almost all of my own adult life. We’ve most certainly grown up together. Older, possibly slightly wiser, a bit tired, but definitely still going strong.

We’ve had some serious downs, and some amazing ups. It’s not been easy by any stretch of the imagination but we both have serious stubborn streaks, which we’ve worn off on each other, over the years,  but that has also helped us to stick it out when things have got really tough. (No sleep, mental health issues, a child with extra needs and massive stress from high pressure jobs, to name a few in the past few years)

It feels like a lifetime. It has been. I wouldn’t change much. Maybe more sleep, and a little more time for each other in the crazy that is our life, but really, there are no regrets.

16 years down, many more to go… 

This rare and uncharacteristic for me, mushy post, typed whilst he thinks I’m catching up on e mail, is brought to you by a wife who is very blessed and grateful for the life she has and the one who stands beside me. Many people often see me first and don’t realise that I am where I am because he’s behind me, he keeps me grounded and holds me up. He’s stood by me through some rough times and his patience is what keeps our crazy life glued together.

I wonder what the next 16 years will bring. Then we really will be older, and wiser, but hopefully still having fun! 

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