How to save your house from bad weather…

There are just so many things that can cause damage to our homes. From existing problems with the structure or building, right through to our ignorance in solving them. While we can help prevent those issues – there’s one thing that we can’t prevent. Inclement weather.  From strong rains, to hurricanes and thunderstorms to hail and snow, there are plenty of ways that weather can damage our homes. There isn’t a place in the world that doesn’t suffer from some sort of terrible weather, be it searing drought or freezing cold. There is just so much the weather can do to damage property. While we cannot prevent weather, we can certainly prepare our homes.


One of the biggest problems that a home can face is from the threat of torrential rain. Not only can rain bring down a roof, it can also ensure flooding. Your home needs to be able to drain water to ensure that it is fighting against the threat of water damage. How does it do this? With clear guttering. Guttering wraps the structure of your building to ensure that rainwater doesn’t stay on top of your roof. Rainwater that is left on a roof can lead to structural erosion and roofing collapse. A gutter needs to be clear of debris and it will not be able to lead water away from the home if it is full of dirt, grime, leaves or rocks – so ensure that the gutter is clear so nothing impedes the flow of water away from your property. This can be easily done by yourself, but if your property is tall, leave it to a pro who can do it safer than you might able to. Flooding is also another issue presented by storms. We can’t prevent floods, we can only react – so invest in services like ServiceMaster flood damage cleanup to get back up and running after a flood. If you live in a flood prone area, it is worth paying attention to the advice of the experts and local authorities as well, be sure to also  pick up flood guards!

The snow is also terrible in some areas of the world and can bring life to a standstill. There are ways to fight back though and save your home from the cold. Employing the use of rock salts can help destroy frost on pathways, and shovels can remove tons of show from your property and roads. Heaters will keep you warm and in the event of a snow-in will help melt snow from doors and windows. It’s good to keep this stuff on hand if you’re constantly dealing with snow throughout winter. If you’re fearing hail, invest in reinforcing your rooftop and consider removing any skylights on the property.

Snow and rain are two of the biggest ways that the home can be damaged by weather. Our homes are not made for falling apart, so do your best to be proactive and lead the fight against bad weather. You can’t prevent, but you can protect.

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