Benefits of growing up with dogs…

For many of us, our pets are our first best friends. However, when you bring a newborn into the home, you may hear people tell you to get rid of your pets. You’ll be told that the dog could sit on the baby’s face or bring in fleas and the cat could get jealous and scratch. These are likely to be people who don’t own pets or have had a bad experience. You may want to hit back with a few different benefits of having dogs around young children. Here are some:

Stronger Immunity

Yes, dogs and cats may bring things in from the outdoors, but who says that’s a bad thing? In fact, many studies have shown that babies who are brought up with dogs will have stronger immunity levels as children and adults. You can read one recent study on how infants exposed to dogs are less likely to develop allergies here.


There’s Always Someone to Play With

If your child doesn’t have a sibling, the pets will come to the rescue. Pets are fantastic for bringing your child’s development on. They encourage role play, language skills, outdoor activities and if you’ve got a budding fashionista in the family, there’s always dress-up. If you want to make a bit of extra cash for those costumes, visit or here for more surveys to make a some spend on your pup cash



A pet means your child has always got a friend. If they’re having a hard time at school, they come home to safety and friendship. This kind of bond always encourages confidence and self-esteem. With your pet at your side, the world is your oyster. When your child has a strong connection with a dog, the dog will make your child’s protection a priority.



The world can always do with a little more compassion. Raising children around animals creates a compassionate foundation in them. They’re taught to care for others from an early age and children with animals are often first to include others when they see them left out. This is because of the nurturing nature they have been given through their pets.


As children get older, pets are a great way of teaching responsibility. The dog needs walking, the cat litter needs changing, the goldfish needs feeding. You can pass on some of these chores to your children so they learn what is involved in taking care of an animal. It’s ideal preparation for life, as we are faced with more responsibilities as we get older.

Therapy Pets

Pets enrich our lives so much that they’re now being used as therapy pets. We already know that dogs work with the blind and blind people use them as a life line. However, they’re now being used to help autistic children, trigger alarms when diabetics sugar levels are off and they’re even appearing in care homes to bring elderly people out of depression. In some parts of the world, trials are beginning for dogs who have the ability to sniff out certain types of cancer as way of using them for early diagnosis. There’s no question about it, pets can save lives!

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