Driving safely?

When you get in your car, you probably get in, clip your seat-belt on, put the key in the ignition, and drive off, because that’s kind of the normal routine, right?

I don’t actually drive, but The Husband does, and he often will point out to me that there is more to getting in a car, and driving it off, you also have to make sure you are driving safely and that your car is in good shape to be driven. 

When you are in your car, you need to be thinking about a number of things, including what speed you are driving at, and this can of course vary depending on where you are, and what type of road you are on, also being aware of making sure you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts, and if you have a child in the car, that they are in a correctly fitted car seat for their age and weight. Regular checks on things like making sure the oil and windscreen wash are topped up, and also antifreeze in the winter, are important to remember. Checking your tires are in good condition, and that all your lights are working correctly, are essential, to keep you, your car, any passengers and your fellow road users safe whilst you are driving.

It’s not just practical things you need to keep track of but also your own safety. Are you too tired to be behind the wheel? Are you being distracted by your mobile phone or the sat nav machine you are using? Accidents and incidents caused when a driver is using a mobile phone are very common, but are taken very seriously and you could risk a large fine, points on your licence or even a trip to court if you are caught using your phone when you are driving. It’s not worth the risk. 

Can you see road signs, pedestrians, traffic lights and other drivers clearly? (time to get your eyes tested if not)

Slater & Gordon Personal Injury Solicitors, have put together a really handy guide for keeping safe whilst driving. It can seem like a lot to think about, but most of it is really common sense, and when you stick to a routine, and make the checks part of what you do when you use your car, then should become second nature and help you to drive safely and hopefully avoid accidents. They do happen, but we can all do our best to prevent them, where we can. 

*This is a collaborative post*


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