The Importance of Your Cat’s ID Tag


Pet ID tags are not just for dogs, it’s really important to ensure your cat wears them also. You never know when your cat could get lost, so an ID tag will make it much more likely for you cat to find its way back to you.

Cats are naturally curious animals and could potentially get in some really tight spots. Here are some reasons why you should ensure you equip your car with an ID pet tag.

Cat Shelters

It’s awful to say, but cats are more likely to be killed in pounds than dogs because cats are less likely to be wearing identification. If your cat is lost wearing a tag, it sends out a message that your cat does have a home.

Sometimes shelters do not check microchips before re-homing or killing cats and it may take you a few days to even realise you cat is missing. Therefore, your best bet is to ensure an ID tag to avoid any unwanted outcome.


When people come across a wandering cat, they might assume that it’s a stray or homeless. Making this assumption might prompt them to keep your cat, meaning you are less likely to find your lost pet. If your cat is wearing a collar and tags, whoever finds it is more likely to call you directly and return your cat.

It also stops people from claiming your cat that are not the actual owners. It’s surprising how dishonest people can be if they like the look of a cat they want to keep. To be able to prove your cat is yours, the best way is to do it through an ID tag.

Unexpected disasters

It sounds crazy, but you never know when an unexpected disaster such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or explosions might occur. In these scenarios, it might be a requirement to evacuate your town or city.

In these situations, animal welfare agencies work hard to restore pets to owners that were unable to safeguard their pets. If you want them to help your pet find its way back to you, it’s essential to ensure your pet is wearing an ID tag.


You may think that you don’t need to provide an ID tag for your cat because they are a trained indoor cat. However, in actual fact, if they get loose, they will not be familiar with your neighbourhood. Not only this but they will probably feel very scared, which could cause them to hide or bolt making it even more difficult to track them down.

In this situation, a pet ID tag is the best chance of them getting home if someone else finds them before you. Their escape route could be anything from an open window to a dash out the door after seeing a running rabbit.

Cute accessory

There are so many options for cat ID tags and collars and you can find some really cute and fun styles. You can fit the collar to your cats’ personality and have fun with accessorising your cat. Think of it as cat jewellery and spend some time finding the perfect fit for your cat.

So, from an engraved silver disk from a fancy boutique to a cute aluminium circle from a pet store, your cat’s ID tag is attractive feline jewellery as well as a safety net for keeping you and your companion together.

Protecting you from anything from a loose window to a natural disaster, an ID tag ensures a better chance of returned cats to their guardians and it is their fastest ticket home, back to where they belong.

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