Setting up a fish tank made easy with Tetra…

*this post was written in collaboration with Tetra, who have helped us with setting up a fish tank*

If you read our blog you know we love our pets. Fish are creatures that we particularly like and my small boy is a big fan of all things aquatic. We recently had a fun visit to the National Pet Show in London and we came home with a fish tank, to set up, and hopefully fill with some pretty fish. Fish are pretty and fun to watch and relatively easy to look after if you have chosen the right fish and tank, and a fish tank can be a really attractive feature in your home, and a good way for kids to learn to look after a pet. 

Fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes and there is a vast range of possibilities in terms of the fish and type of set up you can look at from cold water, to tropical, big, small, lots of pretty little fish, or one or two bigger fish. 

You do need to think carefully about what you are doing when you are setting up a tank. It’s not just a case of filling a big container with water, adding a few pretty decorations and plopping a few fish in. There is more to it than that. Thankfully, Tetra made it easier for us. They even have an app you can use before you have even chosen your tank, so you can see what will work size wise in your home or the space you plan to set up your tank which is handy.

You need to think about all sorts of things before setting up a tank. 

setting up a fish tank

We took it very seriously. I also read the instructions, when he finally let me! 

What kind of fish you would like and if you are able to make sure they will have a safe environment. It’s worth checking what fish are suitable to be in a tank, certain fish go well with others, whereas some fish do not like other breeds of fish. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you are prepared for baby fish if you have male and female fish of the same breed in a tank. When you get your fish, it is worth checking what sexes they are. 

You need to decide what type of tank you want? Tropical/warm water, saltwater, or cold water. What kind of fish you want will depend on this. You need to make sure you have the correct set up for each kind of fish you add to the tank. 

What size of tank do you want? You also need to think about the fish you will add to the tank because it’s a myth that fish don’t need much space. You need to make sure your fish have enough space to swim and feel safe and thrive and not overload a tank with too many fish or not have enough water for them.

You also need to make sure your water is treated and suitable for the fish you will be putting in your tank. Tap water contains all sorts of chemicals that are not suitable for fish, so when you set up your tank you need to make sure the water is safe for the fish you will add.  

What do you need to treat the water in your tank before it is safe and ready to have the fish move in? You also need to bear in mind that you need to check the water quality regularly to make sure it is being maintained and safe for the fish, poor water quality can make fish unwell or even die. Use the correct solutions for your fish and tank and always ask an expert if you are not sure. 

setting up a fish tank

All ready and waiting to settle so we can safely add fish. We love our pretty new tank and it’s really lovely to look at. The children were not very patient about waiting to add the fish…

Once you have got and assembled your tank correctly and filled it with water, and treated the water, you need to let it settle and adjust before you add your fish. Again, depending on what fish you are getting, this can vary. Some fish are fine with being in a newly established tank, it’s worth checking with your local aquatic center or fish specialist shop as to what will work. You want to make sure your tank is really ready and your fish will settle and be happy and healthy in their new home. We waited a week, as per the advice we were given.  You also need to make sure the tank is the correct temperature for your fish, and the breed you are going to add to the tank. Again, you can check this, and you can get special heaters and temperature monitors to make sure your fish are happy and not too cold or too hot. 

And finally, you can add your fish to your lovely new tank and enjoy watching them. Now the really hard part comes. We still haven’t given them names. We may need some suggestions to help with that…;)

So, setting up a fish tank can be a fun thing to do, and if you have everything you need, have checked you have the right tank, water correctly adjusted for your fish, you are good to go, and you can enjoy your tank and your fish can have a long, healthy and happy life in their new home…



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