Getting everyone out and about, because everyone should enjoy days out…

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As a family we have been very fortunate to not struggle when we go out, or plan a family day out, with accessibility issues. None of us currently need help with mobility or to get out and about and on with our daily lives. However that is not always the case for everyone, and sometimes planning a day out or a family trip can be filled with limitations.

For us, days out and being able to go visit places the whole family will enjoy is a very important part of who we are and how we spend time as a family. We love going to places were we can walk, where the children can run about and explore, and also where we can learn and experience new things. We want to be able to go where all can fully take part. When we plan a day out, it’s not just a case of getting out and going, we think about how we are getting there, what sort of access we will be navigating (lots of steep steps and small children in pushchairs don’t really go together, for example, or bumpy and twisty paths may not work for someone who needs to use walking aids) and what activities we will be taking part in when we get there (lots of walking, running, exploring) and what the abilities are of everyone we are going with (toddlers can’t walk as far a grown adults, our aunt who likes to spend time with us on family days out has arthritis and finds too much walking very tiring so we plan days out where she can join us but doesn’t have to walk miles and get exhausted)

Days out and enjoying them should be something that everyone should experience, regardless of age, or health issues. When someone is struggling with their mobility and being able to walk or get about, this can seriously restrict where they can go and how much enjoyment they get from a visit or experience. We have family members who struggle with health issues that make getting out and about more challenging, so when we spend time with them, we want to make sure they are able to be fully part of what we are doing.

Thankfully there ways of helping those we love enjoy days out with us, and mobility scooters are an option if you have a friend or family member who wants to be able to live their life to the full, and get out and about.

Days out should be for all members of the family, including those with mobility issues as well as the elderly. There are a wide range of options available to help with this, that anyone who wants to live their life to the full and enjoy days out should consider them.

Days out are for everyone, we should all be able to get out and about and have fun and be able to explore new places or visit much loved old haunts comfortably!

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  1. We plan days out as a family so we can choose somewhere to go that everyone will enjoy. We discuss how we will get to/from there, what we will do when we get there and what we will need to take. We use online resources or leaflets from our local tourist info centre and library to help us.

  2. We always research areas we are going to either online or through friends
    We check whether there are facilities for the less mobile and whether we can hire mobility schooters buggies etc
    Makes do much difference to the enjoyment
    Nothing worse than going somewhere and one person can’t join in

  3. Luckily none of us have mobility issues, although son2 does have issues with his knees, so we know not to plan a long walk. And whilst son1 was on chemo, we had to take into consideration, the possibility of him picking up something contagious that could be life-threatening, so no cinema, public transport, etc during that period

  4. There are great websites with lots of reviews on places to go and things to do. This provides a host of ideas, making it a great starting point for planning a day out. I enjoy reading the reviews as well as it helps build a picture of facilities and services available. I can then decide whether or not it will meet my needs.

  5. We check the internet for where we are going and make sure it is accessible for wheelchairs so flat, smooth ground with no stairs. Lifts are a always good and handy too.

  6. I plan a day out by looking at reviews so I can see the dos and donts and any obstacles we might come across. It most of all I plan it so we cram in as much fun as possible!

  7. We decide as a family where we would like to go! we all like different things so it can get tricky!

  8. If we have a family day out we have to plan carefully as my husband is a wheelchair user. Lots of people don’t realise how hard it is, for example if you want to go to the theatre as a family you find that wheelchair spaces have only one carer seat next to them so if you go as a family you cant even all sit together. The rough guide to accessible Britain is quite a good resource

  9. I always read reviews online before we go anywhere and make sure there is plenty of food that everyone will like

  10. I have tended to visit places on my own first before taking family and / or friends. As when taking others on outing there is a degree of Responsibility, and I want them to be safe and enjoy their day etc.

    Often I would take niece, nephews and my Mum. Now older I have health issues, as does my fiancé and my Mum. Circumstances change over time, though a priority is accessible toilets. Another is appropriate seating. Access to refreshments is another necessity. These are relevant for young and older people, respect needed for those with health issues.

    You mention pathways etc. Unfortunately recently I have come across uneven streets, roads, pavements and pathways. I tripped on one. Whilst my fiancé is finding roads / streets etc which are bumpy to travel on ( uneven, potholes etc) are causing him pain. Years ago he had a hip replacement due to arthritis, he is on medication foe nerve pain. Yet the vibration of uneven roads are causing him to experience pain. Meanwhile driver feels uncomfortable yet helpless in avoiding such circumstances. So we can only plan for so much. Though I hope Authorities soon improve our streets, pathways etc.

    Hoping we all get the opportunities of getting outdoors to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air this summer.

  11. I always find tripadvisor to be really useful when researching places to go, I always forget they do places to visit as well as accomodation and I prefer to find out real peoples opinions rather than rely on marketing materials.

  12. I have MS – so toliet stops, knowing where they are etc is important, as is taking snacks and drinks, also relax, know it’s meant to be fun, hopefully you will have a good family/friends circle who love and know you xx

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