Styling Dad for his birthday…

The husband celebrated a birthday recently, and because we like to spoil him, but also get him things he will like and use. He doesn’t get to go clothes shopping often, and I happened to know that he REALLY needed some nice shorts for the summer (hint hint, sunshine, you can arrive now!) because once the weather even gives the slightest show of warming up, he basically wears shorts all the time, and his old pairs were starting to look a little worn and scruffy.

So, I hopped online and had a good browse around to find some I knew he would like, would want to wear but that would also look good on him, and be suitable for every day wear with the odd slightly more casual event thrown in.

He’s somewhat particular about his shorts. He likes deep pockets and to be able to mix and match what he already has in his wardrobe. 

He’s pretty active, so he needs shorts that are tough enough to withstand rough and tumble like cycling with the kids to the park, a bit of gardening, or when he wants to wear them to eat out (the man literally wears shorts til the weather gets cold again in the autumn, I wonder if it’s because he’s South African, I will have to ask his mum) 

So, finding the perfect shorts was a bit of a challenge. His favorite style generally are cargo shorts  and fortunately I found a pair and they are just right for him. 

Hard wearing and comfortable but also stylish and perfect for the Dad who wears shorts all the time. He was thrilled with them, when he opened his presents on his birthday, and has been wearing them regularly ever since, and they fit him well. I was very pleased, because ordering online does mean you take the risk of having to try and item and send it back, unlike actually going shopping, but I found the sizing worked well, so we had no issues there, thankfully.

We also ordered him some trousers too, just in case the weather gets too cold, and he does decide he needs to pull on something other than shorts, this summer. 

Styling Dad isn’t that hard, if you can find the right items you know he will like, and wear again and again… 

Unfortunately he’s a little camera shy, so we don’t have any shots of him wearing them, but he’s a very happy man, we promise!

*We were very kindly sent some items to review. All opinions are our own*


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