4 Interesting Things to Do in Park City, Utah

It’s not difficult to see what attracts people to vacation spots in Park City. The understated city boasts mountain trails to hike up in the summertime and ski resorts to fly down in the colder winter months. The restaurant scene is varied and sophisticated to accommodate many culinary tastes. For anyone who loves the outdoors and great scenery, there’s so much to do just a stone’s throw outside the city.
Here are four interesting things to do in Park City, Utah.

Park City Main Street in the History District

Historic fronted buildings line either side of Main Street. With the hillside as its backdrop, the street is filled with upmarket shopping opportunities, classic eateries, cafés, and bars. A convenient trolley offers a free ride from one end of the street to the other when your feet get too tired to walk anymore.
Sunday sees Main Street close to traffic for the Park Silly Sunday Market. Lined with food trucks serving hot meals and quick snacks, and impromptu booths offering a variety of eclectic goods, plus music punctuating the afternoon, a leisurely end to the weekend is inevitable.

Gallery Stroll

On the last Friday of every month, the Park City Gallery Association holds a free art gallery event. Nineteen galleries fling open their doors to share local artists’ work and unique exhibits in the Last Friday Gallery Strollw. Pick up a light refreshment and enjoy some interesting new work and a few classics on the way around the city’s galleries.

Go Wild on the Alpine Coaster

At the base of the Park City, Mountain Resort is the Alpine Coaster. Ride up slowly to get a look around as your elevation increases. Once at the peak, the ride down is either fast or slow depending on you. A lever allows you to control the rate of your accent. Grab your bragging rights by going down at full-speed to impress your better half. The queues and wait times aren’t too long and there are umbrellas thoughtfully lining the waiting area to help you stay out of the sun.
There is a rope course for the kids to find their way through. Also, a zip line is available during the summer months that will have your heart in your throat all the way down! A chair lift is available to take adventurous souls higher up for a bit of hiking and then they can ride back down again. And if that’s not enough, mountain bikes are available for those who want to ride the trails nearby too.

Perfect Relaxation

After long days in the sun enjoying what the city has to offer, it’s especially important to come home to pleasant surroundings. An excellent range of Park City accommodations by Park City accommodations by Resort Property Management is available so you can choose a place that fits your personal tastes. Take advantage of well-located accommodation that’s provided for your comfort and relaxation.
While Park City certainly has many high-speed activities like mountain biking and skiing in the winter, there are also plenty of low-key fun things to do too. It’s truly a place that has so much to offer visitors that you’re able to craft your own personal vacation.

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