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When you are renovating or decorating a room, there’s a lot you need to think about and plan for and it’s not just about paint and wallpaper. We have recently started remodeling our master bedroom, it has been due for an overhaul for a long time, but it’s been low on our priority list, because there is always something else that comes up that needs attending to. That seems to be the way, when you have a young family, for us at least. But at last we have started, and it’s a bigger project than I imagined and much discussion and debate has taken place as to what we want it to look like. 

A bedroom is a place where you do spend a lot of time, and it should be nice place where you want to be, and you feel comfortable in and can relax and enjoy it. From the big details like what colour you will paint your walls, to the carpets and furniture, there are so many details that need to be budgeted for and planned. For me, it’s not just about the big things, but the little touches and accessories that I like to add, to make the room feel like somewhere that belongs to me, and where I want to be and finding the perfect bedding is always something I make a bit of a personal mission, and when I find somewhere I like I will plan and choose what I want, carefully, so that everything works. Julian Charles make some absolutely beautiful bedding and their collections have something to suit every taste and budget. Making a bed look beautiful goes just beyond what kind of bed you have, but what you put on your bed, and what sheets, covers, and accessories you want. Quality bed linen that looks fabulous but also feels good, when you climb into bed at night, is something that is very high on my priority list. Investing in your bedding is important, if you choose wisely it will make your room look perfect but also stand up to the daily tests of time and usage. It’s worth going that extra mile to make sure you get the perfect look but also value for money. From crisp sheets, to snuggly quilt covers, and pillow cases and cushions that match both your sleep needs but also fit in with the decor of your room, those details help to make it all fit together. 

I like to walk into a room and feel like it’s as perfect as can be, within our budget and decorating skills. When I walk into a room and know that I have put all of my effort and time into making it look how I want it to look and it feels right, it’s a wonderful feeling and whilst not everyone who comes to my home will go into our bedroom, it’s nice to know that we can leave our door open and if anyone happened to walk past they can admire it, but for me, it’s about how I feel about walking into the room we sleep in, and being able to really feel like I have made it a special place, and that it looks and feels just right. It’s those little touches like bedding and accessories, I think that go all the way to making that work. Those small details make a room look just perfect. 

*this is a collaborative piece*


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  1. Hello Karen, I loved your blog. I must say this is a nice idea to decorate a bedroom. I will put my efforts and apply these tips for decorating. This is a great idea and I will share this with my friends. Thanks and keep sharing.

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