It’s not easy being green… (things that don’t work!)

I am a bit of a middle aged hippy, and there are a lot of things I like to do, that are my attempt to be a teeny bit more eco friendly, because, let’s face it, the planet needs us all to be responsible for what we do, in terms of looking after the environment and the world we live in. 


We recycle, we use certain products that we know are made in a better way, to protect the planet, we try not to use plastic bags, if we can avoid it, we try and use skin care and other things that are a bit less full of certain things that could be damaging to our water supplies and the animals that live in them, we compost our food, I try to buy local food where I can or choose sensibly when I can’t, and so on…


However, in my daily habits and household routines, there are a few things that I simply cannot find an environmentally friendly alternative for and I am not green about, and at this point I am not ashamed to admit that I do use them, because anything I have tried has either proved to be too expensive to be a realistic option, or simply isn’t up to the job. 


I am going to list my top three, and why I can’t or won’t swap them out, and perhaps it will lead to some discussion. 


Number 1:


Washing up liquid. 



Now hands that wash dishes… Sorry, couldn’t resist, I grew up with that Fairy Liquid Advert, what can I say? I am old and an child of the 70’s & 80’s πŸ˜‰


I am a Fairy Liquid Lover. It’s the only washing up liquid I will buy or use. I have tried a multitude of other washing up liquids that claim to be good for the environment, or at least better, and frankly, they are a waste of money and effort. I have bought the eco friendly stuff and it basically just isn’t up to the job. You have to use far more to get dishes and cutlery clean, and eco friendly stuff is much more expensive. A bottle of Fairy Liquid lasts for weeks, and a little goes a long way. It really does work, and basically unless someone comes up with a really ecologically friendly washing up liquid that actually means I have to do less work to get my dishes clean, then I won’t be swapping out any time soon. (and no I am not making my own, because I personally don’t think that “home made” detergent is any better for the environment and frankly I don’t have the time to experiment)


Number 2:





Die stomach bug germs DIE. Nothing else kills them like bleach and hot water. 


I know, I know. Evil stuff. But it’s the only thing I find that works for when things get really nasty. For example, we all had a rather virulent stomach bug recently and I am afraid that my war cry is “bleach everything”, because bleach is the only thing that kills stomach bug germs and can be used on surfaces, toilets, floors, to clean sick buckets, sinks and taps that have been lovingly splattered with the gruesome evidence of the stomach lurgy. When I worked as a nurse, the solution we used to clean up body fluids like urine, blood, faeces and other delights was basically a bleach solution, because it’s proven to get rid of germs and viruses when nothing else really works. I am afraid that nothing will convince me that essential oils/vinegar/your gran’s vodka/expensive cleaning spray with a pretty picture of a cow munching lavender sprigs will get rid of stomach lurgy germs more efficiently. KILL IT WITH BLEACH, I say!


Number 3:


Toilet wipes, the disposable kind.




Slightly incontinent elderly cat poo and small boy wee? I am afraid these do the job for me…


I hear you recoiling in horror. I may as well sign myself up as an enemy of Greenpeace now and admit that I am solely responsible for global warming (ok, I am being a bit sarcastic!) 


Yes, I know, they are bad. SO bad. But so is walking into the bathroom to be confronted by a puddle of urine, left behind by a small child who’s aim sometimes is less than effective, when he’s using the loo, or a little trail of cat poo paw prints leading into the bath,  because my elderly cat sometimes isn’t quite as delicate in her toilet habits as she once was, and likes to leave me little mystery tours of cat poo from her litter tray round the bathroom. Flush-able toilet wipes I can pull out, clean up with and then not worry about what to do with, basically are one of my life’s essentials. Cat poo is a regular clear up thing for me, and until my small son get’s his aim right, so are puddles of pee. I don’t have the energy to have to wash rags or cloths covered in child wee and elderly cat poop. Sorry, not sorry. It’s wipe, flush and go, round here!


So, as I leave you recoiling in horror at my confession, I feel no regret. I try my best to do good for our planet, in the ways that I can, but until someone can convince me otherwise, these three things will remain in my life, and I will merrily wipe up poo and wee, eradicate sick bug germs and wash my dishes…


Do you try to be environmentally friendly but struggle to find certain products that really work to replace those that aren’t that good for the planet? I would love to hear from you. 


Also, if you would like to leave a genuine and helpful suggestion for me, I would love to hear it. 


Please note, this is written with some tongue in cheek sarcasm, I really do care about our planet and it’s welfare. 


Next month, I have a rant about why products that are better for the environment cost so much more or come in plastic containers… You know you will want to read that one! 




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  1. I know your pain – there are tings I use/do that I know are far from ideal for the planet but the alternatives are not viable for me for various reasons. As for your 3, I use very little bleach as we have a septic tank and bleach and septic tanks don’t mix. I cut up old towels as reusable wipes and sterilise them in the microwave. As for fairy I have never used it but guess what song is now whizzing round my head??!!

    Thank you for adding this post to the #GoingGreen Linky and huge apologies for taking so long to reply: a combination of being so busy over the summer that I hardly touched the blog and an Internet that took to crashing when I did have time! The next linky opens on Sept 4th so I hope you will join in again ?

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