Creative fun with SpiraLite

The kit comes with

Spiralite Light up drawing board

2 x Pattern wheels and holder

3 x Neon Marker Pens

Mirror card

Display and storage base

Step-by-step Spiralite pattern guide

Basically this is hours of fun for anyone who likes to create patterns and use their imagintion. The age range is 5+ and my 7 year old LOVED it, as did the tweenager (almost 11) but I also had a go (when they let me) and it’s so much fun. 

You can draw any number of designs, and then use the light function to light them up, to make them look even more impressive. You can also use the mirror to create the illision of repeating your patterns. It’s great because you can wipe the patterns off when you are done and start again. The kit is easy to use and perfect for kids aged 5-11 I would say. (and grown ups too!) 

Basically it’s hours of fun those who like getting creative and it’s also easy to transport and carry if you want to take it with you in the car or travelling (we took ours on holiday with us) 

This would  make a perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday, too, if you want something fun, or a little bit different and creative. 

You can see how much fun we had, and the lovely patterns we created… 

*We were kindly sent a SpiraLite to review*




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