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It’s that time of year. School aged children are going back to school, or are starting school. The summer holiday has ended and we gear up school runs and back to normal routine.

As a mum of two children, I usually have a long list of things we need to get sorted ranging from digging out PE kit and making sure it still fits, to buying new school shoes, book bags, and school uniform. Booking clubs and activities, catching up on violin practice and labeling everything in sight to make sure it all doesn’t get lost within the first two days of school starting.

One thing parents may or may not think about is head-lice. I know, that dreaded word, you can all start scratching your head now (why do we instantly feel itchy when we think about head-lice and nits??) and remembering with dread the letters that come home saying “a child in your daughter/son’s class has been reported to have head-lice” (are you like me, and when those arrive, do you question your children as subtly as you can to work out which of their classmates have been scratching their heads more, and who may or may not have passed on the dreaded beasties?) and another thing is added to your list… “must find the nit comb”.

Much magnified image, that sends a shiver of annoyance through the hearts of all parents… 

Head-lice are a common, annoying and relatively harmless parasite that are picked up easily, and because children at school and nursery play closely together, are easily spread and shared. They crawl from head to head, and attach themselves to the hair shaft, and they bite the skin on scalps, and lay hundreds of eggs, which then hatch into more lice, and carry on spreading. You can be a very clean person who washes their hair often, and still get head-lice. You can’t get rid of them by simply washing or brushing your hair, and once one person in a classroom or household has them, the likelihood is that they will share them with everyone else. They don’t live in bedding or clothing, just on your head. Now you are really itchy, aren’t you? Sorry about that.

I know for us, headlice have been an ongoing frustration because we have families who’s children seem to have head-lice all the time, and they don’t attempt to do much about that, and this means that the other children in the classes with them are at risk of getting them, and it’s basically a year round battle to keep on top of. There are many old wives tales and myths around treating and getting rid of head-lice, and if they keep coming back it can be very frustrating.

Thankfully Hedrin have some solutions and preventative products that may bring some relief with easy to use products that can help you to eradicate those itchy little beasties and stop them coming back.

A thicker gel formulation which  contains Penetrol® to aid the  penetration of the louse egg

Fast acting to shorten treatment time

Clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs with just one application

Easy to apply

Realized your kids have headlice but can’t stay home to wait to treat it? Then this is perfect. Spray it on, and deal with the lice later. 

A leave in treatment to wash out later

When dry, remains on the child’s hair while they play, go to school or sleep

Water-based treatment which rinses out of hair easily

Requires two applications (eight hours or overnight), seven days apart

And most importantly of all…

A hassle-free conditioning spray, helping to protect against head lice

Disrupts the life cycle of head lice, helping to prevent infestation

Water-based conditioner which is easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry hair after shampooing

Apply after every hair wash or at least twice a week

So whilst we can’t make head-lice not exist (wouldn’t that be amazing?) we can treat them easily and effectively, and protect heads from them. It’s not fun dealing with head-lice, but Hedrin are helping to make it easier to treat and prevent, which is handy for back to school and all year round. One more thing to cross off the long back to school to do list. Sadly, they can’t make PE kit that’s too small magically fit, but at least it solves the itchy head issue most parents dread facing at the start of the school year.

Hedrin also have a weekly handy tips and tricks guide for dealing with nits and lice. You can get all sorts of information and weed out facts from old wives tales here.

Now, you can stop scratching your head…


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