Every Moment Counts – with Families Together #EveryMomentCounts

So last week I joined up with lots of other bloggers to share a moment each day with a theme sent to us by Families Online. Every Moment Counts was such a lovely way to look at the theme for each day and share a photo and some thoughts on that image. I had a lot of fun sharing mine and looking at the other images shared.


Day 1. Together

Day 2. Tradition

Day 3. Laughter

Day 4. 3 Things

Day 5. Colourful

Day 6. Love

Day 7. Reflection

You can find the full images and something I have written each day over on my Facbook page,

but you can also see a brief snapshot of them here…

Sometimes pausing to reflect and think really does make you appreciate those moments in life, and the people and things around you that you love and cherish. 

What moments count for you?

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