Are you getting enough vitamind D?

I often make jokes about vitamin D and getting my daily dose when the sun decides to shine here in London. However, I do also take vitamin D consumption and how much we need seriously because actually getting enough into our bodies isn’t as easy as it seems. Vitamin D is really important and the UK government and medical professionals recommend we take a certain amount daily, to make sure we are not deficient. Adults and children need vitamin D for bone growth and health, and it’s not always possible to make sure that happens with diet and sunshine alone and  a lot of people need to add a vitamin D supplement to their daily routine to make sure they are getting enough. It is a concern of mine, because I am aware that too low levels of vitamin D can affect bone growth and health in my children and for myself, as I get older, and loose bone density, I need to make sure I top up to make sure I look after myself and my bones and body. 

Getting enough vitamin D every day, all year round, is very difficult.

On sunny summer days, exposing your skin to the sun can provide your daily dose of vitamin D. But for much of the year, the UK sun isn’t strong enough for your skin to make vitamin D. Sun creams can block the rays that make vitamin D. And certain types of people need even more exposure to make enough vitamin D.

How much do adults and children need?


Children aged 1 to adults

Finding a supplement that works for the whole family can be tricky, so Fultium have come up with a solution and their Vitamin D drops are easy to incorporate into a daily routine and make sure we are all getting what we need. 

Fultium daily D3 Drops are ideal for children* under 12 years old.

They’re also suitable for vegetarians, and those who dislike swallowing capsules. They are free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

Infants under 1 year 
5 drops per day (8.5μg)

Age 1 and up 
6 drops per day (10μg)

Fultium Daily D3 is an easy one-a-day vitamin D supplement. Unlike other vitamins, Fultium Daily D3 is only available from your pharmacist, not in the vitamin aisle.

Fultium Daily D3 capsules contain 10 micrograms of vitamin D3 – exactly the daily dose recommended by the government’s guidelines.

It’s easy to take, and has no real taste, so it can be taken direcetly off a spoon, or added to water or juice. This makes it easy to give it to the children, without fuss (alwasy good) and I simply drop the required amount into a small amount of water to take it. No mess, no fuss and helping our bodies to get the vitamin D they need. The bottle is convenient and easy to open and measure out what dose is required. 

So, whilst I can’t make it sunny all year round so we can be outside absorbing natural vitamin D, I can at least top us up with a supplement that is simple to use. One less thing for this busy mum to worry about! 

*we were sent some products to review, images and wording are taken from site source*
*Always seek professional medical advice before starting to take a vitamin supplement*


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