Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul review and giveaway…

If like us, you love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books then you will be excited by the release of the movie Diary of A Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul, on DVD and Blue Ray, this week. 

We are big fans of the books and movies and this one doesn’t disappoint. 

A family road trip to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course–thanks to Greg’s newest scheme to (finally!) become famous.

Mom and Dad are taking the kids to a family birthday and reunion, and Mum decide to make it a road trip, but not only that, they confiscate all technology to make it a family holiday where they actually spend time together, screen free and the trip is 4 days long on the road. This horrifies the kids and Dad and they have to secretly find ways around this, throughout the trip and Mom mustn’t find out. The trip involves being chased by another family, an adorable piglet and much chaos as they try to get to their family event, with several diversions along the way. 

We laughed, we cringed, and we heaved a sigh of relief when they FINALLY make it, lets just say almost in one piece, to the party, and despite the chaos and mishaps they all realise that actually a family trip to spend time together wasn’t so bad, although next time, they will probably fly…

It’s a fun movie for all the family to enjoy, and if you haven’t watched any of the other movies or read the books, you can still get to know the family and enjoy their antics!

 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, which is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD from Monday 23rd October, courtesy of Twentieth century Fox Home Entertainment. Why not grab your copy today to enjoy over half term?

To celebrate. We also have one copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, to give away.

Simply comment telling us something funny or crazy that has happened to you on a road trip or long journey, and then follow the Rafflecopter link to complete your entry. 

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  1. We went to Norfolk in September with our three children for a holiday, all five of us squashed in a Peugeot 207 on a 5+ hour drive, we were fine on the way there, but on the way back we stopped at the services, our children insisted they didn’t need the toilet then an hour and a half from home our 5 year old daughter needed a pee so I had to use one of our 7 month old daughters nappy under her as she was desperate and couldn’t hold it in, safe to say my plan didn’t work so well as she ended up peeing half on the nappy half on her car seat cover and a little on her jacket so I’m crammed between her car seat and our 13 year old trying to strip her car seat and her, she made me promise not to tell anyone bless her xxx

  2. we had to take our new puppy to the vets which was a 2hour round trip but on the way back our new puppy who was sitting on my 8 year olds sons lap decided he needed a poo and it was sloppy it went all over my son and the seat bekt and it stunk!!! me my husband and daughter drove home with our heads out the window while my poor son had to endure it lol

  3. on a drive up to london one of my partners friends threw up in the car…to hide the smell my partner sprayed loads of his joop…to this day I cant smell joop without also smelling the smell of vomit and gagging

  4. Many years ago as a student we were inter-railing round Europe on the cheap. So I was trying to sleep stretched out across the train seat and when the man came in to check tickets and passports, I woke up disorientated and fell off the seat onto the carriage floor.

  5. we went to the lego discovery centre in manchester and on the way home a stone flew up into the engine and we broke down which ruined a lovely day out

  6. On one trip to Cornwall to visit family I had 3 terribly travel sick children in the back, well you can imagine how fun that was! At least we can look back and laugh at it now but it wasn’t funny at the time!

  7. Packed our sandwiches for a car picnic, left them on the roof of the car as we drove away. We did get quite far before the car behind notified us. I must have made doorstop sandwiches that day as they went through a lot of bumps but still stayed on the roof.

  8. Going on a 320 mile trip to Cornwall, car breaking down when we are nearly there and having to return straight home on a recovery truck to borrow a relations car so we could resume our holiday trip

  9. My toddler son falling and hitting his head very hard as the flight was being called, it was and still is the most awful memory he had such a big lump come up, but alas all was well,,,,,

  10. the first time me and my now husband met with my whole family our car broke down, waited 4 hours before we werr back ont he road again

  11. We took off in to a giant thunderstorm at Philadelphia airport – it was very scary watching the lightning all around our plane.

  12. I was due to fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles then to UK, when they grounded all the planes in Las Vegas due to snow, their first in 20 years (this was quite a long time ago) but the snow was so light it was a joke didn’t even lay on ground and because of it we missed out connecting flight in LA.

  13. my daughter suffered with travel sickness for many years, its only this year that she has been able to travel without any mishaps..and when you are driving 5hrs to cornwall its not the best entertainment for the rest of the family lol

  14. I’ve often left the baby bag full of nappies, wipes…bottles etc on the side counter only to remember well over 50 miles down the road – I mean once is bad, but??

  15. all flights cancelled from heathrow back to edinburgh, no flight for 3 days but we had to get home. we had to hire a car and drive.

  16. Towing caravan in France a bird smashed into caravan windowcausing it to dislodge and leave a gaping hole. Thank goodness for duck tape!

  17. We went on holiday to Wales when my son was little. I carried him to the car and we set off…..we got to our lunch stop (several hours from home) and I realised that we hadn’t packed ANY shoes for him…….

  18. first ever plane flight, we had an eight hour delay, with 4 kids, 5 and under, trying to keep them entertained was a nightmare. then when we got there the car company had closed, had to get the man back so we could get the car that we had hired, then when we got to our villa we had to get the owner out of bed so we could get the keys. by this time all 4 kids were grumpy and tired as it was 2am

  19. Life is no fun without a few dramas – we nearly missed our flight to Spain with our little one once – sooo funny now but wasn’t at the time as we had to run to the departure gate!!!

  20. When we were kids we broke down in the middle lane of the motorway just before going on the Severn Bridge. Luckily there was a service station in walking distance at the time but poor dad had to stand out in the cold waiting for recovery.

  21. A few years back my kids and I went on holiday with neighbours. I asked the man of thier house to just hold my handbag at a service station while I strapped the kids into their car seats after the visit. Assuming he was still holding it we went back on the motorway only to notice people beeping and flashing their lights at us. It was only when I saw my bank cards, inhalers and front door keys pass my window that I realised my mate had only gone and put the handbag on the roof of the car not wanting to look silly holding it but not bothering to tell me so I lost everything I needed including my medication and way to retrieve money from the cashpoint.

  22. Forgetting to top up the water in the car was a fail when we where going up the steep hills in Gloustershire earlier this year!

  23. My Mum had a panic attack on the motorway on the way to holiday and we ended up having to get my friends father (a cabbie) to come and pick us up whilst her mother drove his car home….no holiday happened.

  24. We had hired a minibus and took the whole family on a 6 hour journey from Kent to Wales but we got lost and ended up in the hills in Wales driving around and the kids were all scared and crying! It wasn’t fun lol. Thank you

  25. My son was going through treatment and was doing good never sick throughout it, one day we had to take a bus to the hospital as my parents were away. he was in great from and was sitting reading a book I was speaking to a lady beside me and the next thing I looked round and he had been sick everywhere, he said it was the bumpy journey, he was laughing but I was in a state, it was absolutely everywhere and we had to strip him down and put on pjs that were brought up for his friend in hospital who was half the size

  26. well this is a very cringy story for me but basically on our way to cornwall over a 6 hour drive we had just missed the services and my son needed a wee so i had an empty fruit shoot bottle that was from a multi pack we had taken with us. so he peed in that i sealed the lid back on and on we went. when we arrived at the destination i put all the fruit shoot bottles in the fridge forgetting about the one with pee. the day after i was thirsty i pulled a fruit shoot out the fridge had a drink and then realised it was the bottle with pee in!! aaaargghh i threw up everywhere within seconds of realising what id done. ive never made that mistake again.

  27. Last summer we were travelling down the m20 when we got stuck behind in the traffic jam caused by a footbridge collapsing(a digger on the back of a lorry ploughed through it!) . All traffic came to a complete standstill and we were stationary on the motorway for over an hour ..lots of people out their cars and chatting trying to find out why and the lovely Dutch couple behind us were very kindly letting people use their caravan toilet facilities. It was surrealistic as we nearly went a different route but I said the m20 would be quicker….4 hours later and we arrived at our destination that should have been only 40 minutes away! The kids were very tolerant and quite excited by the whole adventure.

  28. Most of our long haul disasters involve vomit I’m afraid! In one of the worst episodes, my son was so covered, and we were going to be away for a week, that we put all of his clothes in a plastic bag and binned them! They were just beyond redemption and wouldn’t have been worth saving after a week, that’s for sure!!

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