Creating logos when you are not a creative person, with Logojoy.

I am not a creative person. When I say that, I mean I don’t have the skill or abilities to make things in a creative way. I am good at other things but will happily admit that when it comes to making things that involve using my eye and mind in a creative way. I tend to rely on the skills of others and will source help rather than attempt to be creative myself. 

However recently I have needed to create some logos and images for both the charity I run and also for my blog, because both needed logos and images, and I haven’t had the time or the finances to outsource the work for that. I also know exactly what I wanted and needed for both, but wanted to do it myself without having to explain to someone else. Our blog is going to be having a big revamp and makeover in the next few months and into next year, and whilst I am doing that, I am also designing logos for part of the charity and a project that needs logos for both printed and social media. 

Enter Logojoy, which is a website where you can create any logo you have the imagination for, easily and simply and even someone like me is able to come up with logos that look professional, without getting stressed about the process. 

They take you through a step by step process, starting with your brand or project name, and you are asked some simple questions which then help them and you come up with that you had in mind. I was really quite pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use and delighted with the results and it’s easy to add your own requirements in terms of colour, branding style and fonts, as well as icons you  may want to use. 

They also help you with branding guidelines and fitting your logos and designs to social media or other formats you may want to use it for which is convenient. 

I wanted to create something simple for flyers we are going to be distributing locally to promote part of what our charity does, and within a few minutes, using some basic ideas I had in mind, was able to come up with a crisp, clear logo that we can use. Our budget is tight, at the moment, as well as being under time pressure, so Logojoy really did save the day for me. 

All the files and tools you need are sent to you once you are happy with your logo and it’s ready for you to start to use. The whole process is so easy and simple, and takes a lot of the fuss out of creating a logo, for those of us who aren’t design professionals and need something created quickly and with minimal fuss. 

I am delighted with what I was able to create, despite not being a creative person myself, and their price packages are very reasonable too, and you can tailor what you need based on your budget and what you are looking to use their system for. I would definitely recommended them if you are looking to make and create logos for your business or a project or product. 

I am afraid you will have to wait to see what I will be coming up with for the blog itself, as I start our makeover, but watch this space over the next few months for little changes and some new logos and updates, as I pop them in, thanks to Logojoy… πŸ˜‰




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