5 Worst and Best Dog Breeds for Families

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Choosing the right dog for your family is important, especially if you have young children. Choosing the right dog breed is not only essential for your security, but for the well-being of the dog as well. Different dogs have different temperaments and react differently to human contact, so it’s essential that you choose wisely. Here are 5 Worst and Best Dog Breeds for Families

Best – Beagle

The Beagle was originally a hunting dog, but it has a happy, good-natured and friendly temperament that makes it easy to love. It loves attention and isn’t destructive, making it good for small spaces as well. Beagles also love to play and adore human companionship. Beagles can live up to 14 years’ old, so it’ll accompany your kids all through their childhood. While they have a loving nature that makes them great companions for children, they can be hard headed and will need some training, so be prepared for that.

Worst – Chow Chow

While the Chow Chow may look inoffensive at first glance, they aren’t as cute and cuddly as they may look. This dog loves bullying and has a quick temper, which isn’t the best mix when you have kids. Chow Chows also do not respond to and do not like to be reprimanded, and will not hesitate to bite.

Best – Pug

If you’re looking for a dog that is both adorable and gentle, then a Pug may be a great option. They are very outgoing and playful, which makes them great for active children. Their small stature also ensures that they won’t tip any of your children over. However, you have to make sure that your kids don’t play too rough with them for safety’s sake.

Worst – Dalmatians

While they can be beautiful, Dalmatians have a tendency to get jumpy at times and are easily startled. There have been many instances where Dalmatians have bitten their owners just because they were startled due to deafness. Dalmatians, in particular, are known to develop deafness with age, which makes them that much more difficult.

Best – Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers not only make great companions, but they can make great watchdogs as well. While they are often compared to Labradors, they have many differences that should be noted. First, they tend to be very high energy dogs and might get over excited in the company of other dogs, so you’ll have to train them at an early age. They also have a great appetite and need a diet high in protein, so you should consider buying specialized dog treats like alligator jerky for dogs to keep them happy and healthy.

Other than that, Golden Retrievers are very easy to groom and are generally low maintenance. They also prefer to be in the presence of other humans rather than being backyard dogs.


Before you pick a dog for your family, make sure that you take our recommendations into consideration. This will allow you to pick the perfect dog for your needs and prevent any issues.

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