How you can help someone dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult mental struggle that can not only feel shameful, but that can also be extremely handicapping. Thankfully, modern society is trying to ease the stigma of anxiety and mental health. It is now accepted for people to discuss their issues openly. More importantly, it has become obvious too that a lot of individuals struggle with anxiety disorders. At a personal level, you can choose to talk about your feelings to a trusted person, whether it is a relative or a therapist. You can also rely on sports to release your stress levels. But what about dealing with other people’s anxiety. What is the best course of action to help others deal with their problems?

anxiety Can a pet help against anxiety?

Pay attention to the clues

First of all, you can’t help others if you don’t know how to pay attention to their feelings, and more importantly how to read the signs. As nobody walks around carrying a smiley face on their back to share their emotions, you need to read in between the lines to know what they are going through. You need to be able to put yourself in their shoes so that you help them untangle the emotional mess that anxiety can leave behind.

Most people don’t know how they feel

You’d be surprised to know that most people can’t truly say how they feel. It’s got nothing to do with being too shy, but in fact, it’s because feelings are difficult to understand. Indeed, if a feeling hasn’t yet crystallized, a person might be going through emotional phases without being able to know what they are feeling. There are also cases of fused feelings, where several emotions are felt at the same time. If someone is going through these confusing emotional phases, you might be able to use your own experience of anxiety disorder to help you to understand what is happening.

I don’t know what I feel

Can you help them?

The main question you are asking yourself is, of course, whether you can bring more significant support. The answer is yes, especially if you join one of the counseling schools online which will guide you through the steps of becoming a counselor to help the people in your community, in an educational or even a medical environment. While you will not have to deal with anxiety only, it’s likely to be the main element of your day-to-day consultations. Indeed, people come to a counseling appointment because they need guidance and are worried about their situation. That sounds exactly like the kind of situation that creates anxiety.

Can you recommend someone who can help?

More often than not a calming presence can help someone to deal with anxiety. For instance, you could recommend to people with anxiety to adopt a pet. Holding and stroking an animal is proven to lower your blood pressure, making you calmer. Additionally, pets are an excellent distraction to force the anxiety away. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, or even a bird, adopting a pet can make a great deal of difference.

Do you feel strong enough to help someone deal with their anxiety issues? You don’t need to be a psychologist to empathize with their feeling and help them find a way out of the darkness.

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