Daily Snippets – #mumlifeglamlife 31/01/18

Seeing yourself mirrored in someone else is rather strange.

I’m typing this as I watch my tweenager, who is lying on the sofa opposite me. She’s badly hurt her knee. We don’t know the exact verdict yet as to what exactly is wrong but safe to say it’s very sore, very swollen and we’ve had another round of medical visits today and more in the coming days before we find out what’s what (hopefully).

Watching her today is like watching myself and also bringing flashbacks of my own time on the sofa last summer recovering from knee surgery. The fact that she’s tall enough to use my crutches is rather scary too.

She’s just like me. She hates being in pain, which of course most people hate, but she like me, hates being restricted. She’s bored on the sofa, and keeps trying to get up and move around instead of asking for help. I have had to severely tell her off when she took herself to the kitchen to get water to drink. She supposed to be not moving about unless really needs to. Doctors instructions were “24 hours of rest”. But she’s like me, and hates asking for help, and hates being told she can’t do things! It’s amusing but also frustrating and now I see how challenging I can be when other people are trying to look after me.

She’s also very sarcastic and despite being in a lot of pain, she’s rather funny. The dark sense of humour she’s inherited from me, will hopefully help her to manage life and see the humour when life gets tough.

It’s weird seeing yourself in someone else. Thankfully she’s also inherited a lot of her father’s good qualities so it all balances out…

She’s also taught me how to use some of the filters on Instagram. Having a tweenager is helpful for my social media skills apparently!

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