Stuff we love – January 2018

If I told you January has been interesting and I’m rather glad it’s over, I wouldn’t be lying. To be honest, it’s been a tough few weeks. We are just about over it.

But enough wallowing. January is done but we have found some things we love that we wanted to share with you.

In the interests of disclosure, some of these items were sent to us, but we don’t share if we genuinely don’t like or recommend something. For me:

Fab new boots and a gorgeously soft jumper both from LOTD they’ve got some lovely items, I found it hard not resist so many things!

What I’m reading – this book, Life in My Hands, written from the view point of someone who has trained and worked in our over stretched NHS is gripping reading. I’d highly recommended it.

I’m determined to go into 2018 looking less tired. I’m trying out new eye creams to see which work best to reduce the, ahem, suitcases under my eyes. If you can recommend one, please do! This one so far, seems nice. I also think a week at a spa might help but sadly that won’t be happening any time soon! πŸ˜‰

For the family:

I burn toast and when I cook bacon the smoke alarm likes to go off. It’s annoying and too frequent. The husband bought one of these clever smoke alarms from Fire Angel that doesn’t react to burning toast or frying bacon. Genius! (Don’t forget to check your alarms regularly!

Baby bum cream? Yes, we currently have no babies in the house but this lovely cream is good for sore spots, dry skin and smells lovely.

I need this kareoke mike for getting us out of the house on the school runs, it works on Bluetooth and can be used around the house and is hands free. It’s fab for Kaokee of course with excellent volume control but personally I need it to be heard when we are trying to get out on time and no one is listening. Maybe this should be standard issue for all mums! (I also like it because it’s pink!)

Stuff we are eating:

Palm oil free nutty chocolate spread from Pip & Nut. What more can I say?

Dried seaweed? The smug hippy inner mum in me smiles because my kids love this stuff and ask for it in their lunchboxes. Don’t worry, they also would have cake and sweets if I let them so I’m not that smug! It’s yummy though and a great snack, and healthy too!

So that’s our January round up. You might have found it useful! Now let’s be having you February, and hope you are less crazy!

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