Getting all the details of a party right…

Planning the details of special celebration for someone can be a lot of work and a fair bit of stress. When you are marking an event such as an anniversary or a big birthday, you want to make every aspect of it perfect and for the guest of honour and all their guests to enjoy themselves. 

I am currently working with a group of friends planning a party to celebrate the 40th birthday for one of us. She’s an amazing person and we want to surprise her, and for her to have the best time at the party we are putting together for her. (By the way she really doesn’t do social media so she isn’t likely to read this post and find out what’s going on) 

There’s a lot to plan and it’s all got to be kept secret and worked carefully so we get the details all right, make sure everyone is invited and that everything goes to plan.

We have all been tasked with different things to do and given lists of jobs to tick off, and each of us is working on separate areas of the party to pull it together. This way no one person is doing all the work and it spreads the stress and we divided the jobs according to skill set. I am utterly useless at decor and pulling together a room to make it look pretty and stylish for a party but I can organize getting party supplies and I have a fair idea of what our friend would like in terms of entertainment at a party so I have been tasked with organizing the music and party entertainment. It’s a fairly big event with over 150 people invited so it’s not a small party that won’t take much organising. 

Our guest of honour loves a live band, and is a big fan of getting on the dance floor for a dance, so I knew I needed to find a way to facilitate some great live music to make her happy. 

Whilst I might be organised I am not that au fait with who is good and who isn’t live entertainment wise, so using a site like Headliner

to source a great band to provide us with live entertainment for our evening. 

I may not be an expert but being able to see what was available, and wanted excellent service. 

Launched in June 2015, Headliner is an online marketplace bringing world-class artists together with bookers and event professionals. We have made it super easy to book live entertainment, whilst helping artists earn a sustainable living doing what they do best. Our in-house team vets every artist on our site, and we have a review system as part of our continuous vetting process. We are not an agency and our technology lets artists manage their bookings from start to end, giving the power back to the performers. In addition, we work with numerous event partners and artist partners to further help create amazing events and develop our great acts.

Just what I was looking for. I wan to be sure that I was working with people who were invested in providing a good quality service but also look after the bands and groups that they are sourcing out. 

Their service is very reliable and organised and they have all the bases you need, insurance and liability wise. You can be assured that choosing and making your booking and picking the group you want to provide your entertainment for your event will be as easy and efficient as possible. You can find the perfect band, artist or entertainment for your party or event, search what’s available in your area, and if you have specific needs in mind, you shouldn’t have a problem sourcing what you need. 

So that’s one of my big jobs ticked off the to do list for the party and I am feeling a bit smug. Now I just need to sort something to wear, now that will be a problem… 😉

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