Making dinner quick &interesting with Rustlers Southern fried chicken

Dinner time in our house can sometimes get a bit samey and whilst no one really complains, I do feel I get stuck in a cooking rut and it can be a bit boring. 

I am  pretty busy in the week, being a working mum, as well as juggling the endless round of activities and things my kids get up to each week (anyone else got kids who’s social and hobby lives are better and more interesting than their own adult lives??) so I don’t have the time or energy for complicated meals or fuss and bother of masses of meal prep on a week night. I have three rules for how I work in the kitchen and the meals I make, for Monday to Friday…

I am not cooking like I run a cafe, and making different things for different people. I want to make one meal that everyone will eat and no one will whine about. 

Meals must be quick and easy and not mean hours in the kitchen when we have just got back from swim club, ballet or any of the other many things my kids have signed up for and I play taxi driver/bag carrier for. 

Most of the time, the meals must be as healthy as possible and include some sort of green/vegetable.

Simple? Maybe. 

So, when I was asked to come up with something interesting using Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers that would work as a family meal, I decided to rise to the challenge and try something different from our usual meals.

There are a couple of days in the week when we go from school to after school activties, and we don’t get home until dinner time should be happening, so when I walk in the door with tired and “hangry” children I want to be able to literally grab something from the fridge, throw it on the table and pacify the ravenous hoards (well it feels like they are hoards, even if techincally there are only two of them) 

Rustlers burgers are great to help me out, when I need to get dinner ready fast! 

Rustlers say



Our beef burgers are made from premium cuts of quality meat from the forequarter, hindquarter and flank of the cow with seasonings to help deliver the delicious Rustlers flavour we love. All thriller, no filler!

We also continually test and refine our products to ensure you are getting the best snacks around. From developing our secret recipe burger sauce to sourcing our authentic stone baked Panini bread, we go the extra mile to stay on top of our game for you.

Found in the chilled aisle, and needing minimal prep, they are a tasty and fast way to get a meal served fast when I need to.”

I say, anything that makes life easier when it comes to a simple meal when we walk in the door sounds good to me… They are very convenient and easy to serve, and they are made with quality chicken, and fit into my weekly food budget, which helps. Also, the kids like to be involved in making them the way they like them, adding sauce and choosing their own salad. I find the kids helping prep their food makes them more inclined to eat it! 

Simply open the packet, pop in the microwave, follow the instructions and cook.

They are quick and easy, minimal fuss

And you can prep sides of veg, salad or fries. I try to make sure we get some veg or salad with our main meal, and it’s easy to prep whilst I am waiting for them to cook…

They can be popped into the microwave, and are ready in minutes, and whilst they are cooking I can chop up some veg and salad, to go along side, and voila, food in front of grumpy hungry children faster than Mary Poppins can clean and tidy a room… (well, almost)

Happy, not hangry, post dance class. Thanks for that, Rustlers…

Have you tried them? Why not give them a go and see how how you might serve them up to your hungry crew?

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers
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  1. Great to see how you got on and all the best with dance classes going forwards. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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