Daily snippets 22/02/18 – just a parenting observation…

It’s rare for me to challenge another parent or to be critical (my policy tends to be “we are all doing our best, unless you are feeding your kid whiskey and crack, or I think you are hurting them, it’s not my job to tell you I’m a better parent than you”) but sometimes I observe things and whilst I don’t comment, I do wonder in my head though, sometimes when I see a parent do certain things. 

Today’s observation goes like this:

If you have a toddler or small child, and you allow them to do something they really shouldn’t be doing, that’s slightly unsafe, or potentially causing damage, or isn’t child friendly, and someone comes along and asks you to stop your child, and you extract your child but said child naturally (because toddlers like to explore and don’t like to be told they can’t) isn’t that happy about it, and you then spend the next five minutes scolding your toddler for having the pretty much expected meltdown, because they’ve been allowed to do something, then told they can’t, it’s not really very fair, on them, is it?

If you let your child do something that you know is potentially what they shouldn’t be doing, then you give them a hard time, when they have to stop, it’s not the toddler that needs telling off, it’s you.

Just saying…


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