Dear cystic acne, you suck…

Dear Cystic acne,

You’re back. Mysteriously after months and months of absence you are showing your face. I thought I finally may have outgrown you, and that our twenty year plus relationship was finally over.

But nope, just when I least expected you, you are back.

I suppose I should be greatful that you have graced me with your presence not on my actual face this time, or at least for now. My hairline and neck and shoulders are however not glad to see you.
The scars on my face remind me of your previous visits and long term stays. Medication, skin treatments, doctor visits, changes in diet, hormones…

I have no idea why you have chosen to return rather out of the blue. I’m hoping your stay is not permenant. You’ve damaged my skin and my confidence more than I care to admit.

Basically dear cystic acne, I’m not glad to have you back. At the moment you have had the decency to only be on my back, neck and hairline but I fear your presence will creep in further. You are unsightly, painful, annoying, confidence shattering and you suck.

*I’ve struggled with cystic acne since my late teens. There isn’t much I haven’t tried or done to deal with it. Cystic acne is a horrible condition and it affects my skin and my confidence and I know others suffer too. If you are a sufferer you’ll know what I’m talking about*

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  1. I’ve suffered from acne since before I even reached double figures! It’s actually worse on my body, which is ok in winter as I can cover up. Pregnancy made my skin better temporarily. I’m almost 33 and I doubt it will ever really leave me. I was on long term antibiotics and topical creams for years with not much help. It can be a massive confidence knock when it occurs, I totally understand you.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I’ve had severe bacne (back acne) in the past and its one of those things which I have been on the constant lookout for. Like your acne mine creeps further south which has its own embarrassment. 🙁

    Anyway hope it gets better.

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