Exploring Shopkins fun with their Happy Places app

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Shopkins? What’s that?

If you don’t know, they are a range of tiny collectible toy characters based on household items, with little faces, from Moose Toys. They are tremendously popular and a firm favourite amongst kids and provide endless hours of fun and imaginative play and are within pocket money purchase range.

They now have a fab new app available on iOS to further the fun.

Moose Enterprises and Kuato Studios have recently announced the first official game for the hugely successful Shopkins Happy Places brand.  The app is aimed at children age 5+.

Easy and free to download, and designed for kids (and big kids, like me) it’s a lot of fun and encourages imaginative play. You can make in app purchases to add to the game, as well, with parental permission and approval.

So how does it work?

Create a new home and have fun playing with and nurturing the Shoppies in their new home and town and have fun decorating their living spaces and collecting items you need or want. Share your creations with friends and family and get to know the little characters known and loved so well, all within an app designed for kids to have fun and use their imaginations.

The app is colourful and fun, easy to use and I have to warn you, a bit addictive even if you are an adult. It’s safe to use and adds to the enjoyment of someone who is a big fan of the characters and collecting them and even if you aren’t familiar with them, you can play along and get involved.

So if your kids are big fans of Shopkins this is a great app to compliment their play and if you’ve never heard of them, it’s still a great and safe game to download for them to enjoy.

If I told you I enjoyed playing and having fun creating with the app, just as much as the kids did, I wouldn’t be lying… it might be just a teeny bit addictive. You have been warned! 😉

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