Yes, I’ve gone meat free…

So I hadn’t planned to share this news. I’ve kind of hinted and mentioned it in passing on social media and over on my instagram feed I’ve been sharing as I stopped eating certain things but it’s slowly becoming more obvious and I’ve had to start to explain to people so I figured I may as well blog it. I have gone meat free

Here goes…

I’ve stopped eating meat. I’m not eating red meat, white meat, processed meat.

It’s not for any smug or earth shattering reason. I simply don’t like it, so I’ve stopped eating it.

I used to enjoy steak, a roast leg of lamb, and a sausage roll like many people but in the past few months I’ve slowly gone off a lot of meat and meat products. So I’ve reduced what I eat meat wise and for the past month I’ve been meat free.

It’s hard to explain. It’s not a case of making me a good roast dinner and I’ll suddenly change my mind. I don’t need a trip to an expensive steak house to convert me back.

I do miss certain things. Bacon, pate and chicken nuggets, oddly enough are the only things I occasionally feel like I’d like to eat.

I’m not going to be shouty about it, or post patronising anti meat posts on social media. I’m not vegan nor do I plan to be.

I have sought medical and dietary advice and I’m still currently eating fish, in small quantities and I still eat eggs and some dairy products (although we are technically a cows milk free house with the allegories my big and small boy deal with so at home it’s different) So technically I’m pescatarian, for now.

What does this mean for me?

I’m eating a lot more fruit, vegetables and salad. I’m eating less processed food. I feel a lot better for it. It does mean I have to juggle a bit because I’m already cooking partly gluten free and all cows milk free for my family, and I have to make sure I’m getting a mixed and healthy diet, for myself but it’s working out ok and I’m trying a lot of new foods and having fun finding things I like.

What does it mean for my family?

Not much. Sometimes they will eat vegetarian because that’s what I cook and sometimes they will eat meat and I will eat something vegetarian. I’m not making them change their diet. This is my choice for me.

What does it mean if you invite me for a meal or we go out to eat or we invite you to eat at our home?

Not much. I will still cook and feed people who eat a meat based diet. I enjoy cooking and feeding people and I’m not forcing anyone to eat what I eat or go meatless. I do make a pretty damn good vegetarian lasagne and curry, though, which I may make if you happen to come to dinner but I’m not trying to convert anyone to eat how I eat.

If I come to your house or we eat out I will try and fit in, I can bring my own things to eat, and I’m so used to catering for a dairy free diet and gluten free that being vegetarian isn’t that hard for me. I don’t expect you to go out of your way to cater to my food needs if it’s easier for me to help you. I won’t make a fuss, and if I can eat salads, sides and bread, I will.

So there it is. I’m not doing this to prove a point or make life difficult. I just don’t like or want to eat meat so I’m not. It’s not personal or to put anyone out, it’s working for me, and I feel better for my choice. It may be permanent or it may be for a period of time.

But yes, I do miss bacon, I will say that… 😉

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