I’m done, I want out…

This is a whiny Wednesday post.

I’m done. I want out.

I’m convinced that living in this country is making us constantly sick.

I’m convinced that the rain/semi cold/constant damp/a bit of warm weather then back to rain and damp whilst living in over heated houses and going in and out of hot sweaty shops and buildings and public transport is making us sick.

We don’t get enough sunshine or vitamin D and the last time I remember a decent, long sunny period, of more than a week or two is, erm, I can’t remember (or when I lived in a hot country!)

I’m sick again. I have a cold, a sore throat and I’ve been awake since 3am coughing.

I’m eating relatively healthily. I exercise as much as my recovering knee will allow, I take vitamins. I am sleep deprived which I know doesn’t help but it’s a cycle of sickness keeping me awake or someone else in the house is sick and I’m up with them.

It’s pouring with rain today again and my bones are cold. Washing will take days to dry unless I crank up the heating and turn the house into a furnace (and then cringe when I see the bill that comes in) and our garden is a mud bath.

I’m done. I’m sick again, and I’m sure it’s this damn country with it’s miserable weather that’s doing it.

I want out. I need more than a week of sunshine a year. It affects my mental health living in a country where the weather frankly is utterly crap most of the year.

It’s raining AGAIN…

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