3 Fun and Affordable Ideas for a Child Birthday Party

For those who happen to be parents to children, it is likely that you know that birthdays often happen to be a big deal. It is a time where you can celebrate your child’s life, and they get to take cupcakes to class, request for gifts they wouldn’t get on a normal day, and of course, cry if they want to. It can be a little stressful trying to devise a master plan for their celebration if they haven’t already requested something specific. It requires you bring out your event planner hat and also spend some money. There are numerous birthday party ideas you can consider when planning the next birthday party for your little one. This article is going to list three that may give you a little inspiration.

Costume Sleepover Party

Often times, kids have a favourite cartoon character and choose that as a theme for their birthday party. If you’ve already had a specific character themed party in previous years, why not consider having a general costume sleepover party instead? This way, everyone can wear whatever character they desire, and it saves you spending money on themed decorations. You can either choose to tell the parents of the kids that you invite to buy their child character themed pyjamas, or you could choose to buy some yourself and let each child choose the ones they like when they get to the party. If you opt for the latter, beware, because kids can be very picky when it comes to these kinds of things. As with any party, you’ll also need to arrange entertainment such as games, music, food, and bedtime stories. Additionally, other tips for  hosting a sleepover party include keeping your guest list short, finding out about any allergies or night time habits from the guest’s parents, and preparing for any forgotten items such as toothbrushes and towels.

Outdoor Pool Party

If your child enjoys fun in the sun, then an outdoor party may be more ideal. You could seek permission to have a pool party at your local swimming pool or have it at your house if you happen to have one there. With an outdoor pool party, there isn’t much to arrange aside from food and drinks. In this regard, you could either choose to have food provided by a caterer or handle it on your own. Doing so would mean that you need to come up with both food and snack ideas that will keep the kids full throughout the day. Additionally, since they’ll be out in the sun, drinks are essential. You will definitely need an ice chest retaining ice for long to keep the drinks cool enough, so they remain hydrated. No matter how much juice you bring, you should also remember to bring twice the amount of water.

Camping Party

Some children enjoy a good story, and if your child fits that description, you should consider a camping party. This may require a bit more work than the other two as you’ll need to go out and get a tent if you don’t already have one. When choosing a tent, select one that’s’ big enough to accommodate all of your child’s friends as well as their sleeping habits. Activities to consider at the party include making shadow puppets, ghost stories, musical sleeping bags, lantern making, and camping songs sing along. You should also remember to make the tent as comfortable as possible and make the children feel safe. You could potentially consider having an indoor camping party.

A child’s birthday party is something that usually sticks with them even when they become an adult. For this reason, you should try your best to make sure they are pleasant memories and ones that they look back on and smile. You can do this by throwing them parties with people that they cherish and making sure they have as much fun as possible.

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