Kindness is key for new mums

Lack of sleep and ‘me’ time, new responsibilities, reduced self-confidence and the battle to lose baby weight are among the hardest things of being a new mum

Over half of new mums expect others to show kindness with one in ten revealing it’s the most important personality trait

Despite one third of new mums experiencing kindness daily, over half have been shoved, ignored or received negative comments in public

Although having a new baby can be an exciting time for a growing family, research has revealed the hardest things about being a new parent, include lack of sleep, lack of ‘me’ time, being faced with new responsibilities, reduced self-confidence and the struggle of trying to lose baby weight.

With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that baby expert Dentinox has found that over half (55%) of new mums expect others to be kind to them with one in ten revealing it to be the most important characteristic alongside being supportive, helpful, positive and empathetic. 

When it comes to who is the kindest to new mums, it’s our own mums who win the prize with partners, fathers and best friends following closely behind. For one in five new mums, a stranger has surprised them the most with a kind act creating feelings of happiness and positivity.

According to research, the kindest things new mums have experienced from others include looking after their baby so they can sleep or shower, giving words of encouragement, doing the housework and cooking dinner. Saying a simple thank you is the most popular way of showing appreciation with over one third of new mums buying a gift and one quarter offering a home cooked meal. 

However, despite almost a third of new mums experiencing kindness daily, 42% admit to feeling sad and one in three angry when someone is unkind to them.

Psychologist Corinne Sweet comments on the findings, “New mums are full of hormones, conflicting advice and lack of sleep, so they need some TLC to help themselves look after their baby. Emotionally and psychologically speaking, it is important to be thoughtful and helpful around a new mum. They might feel anxious and isolated while adjusting to the constant demand, even if this isn’t their first born. So, a little kindness goes a long way, while they learn or relearn a whole array of new mothering skills.”

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